Sunday, June 1, 2014

Life Unexpected

Oh gosh I am so sorry for being away.
The watermelon mono went pretty well, I got down to 328.8 which is a new low weight!! Yay! I even went to the gym. And then I woke up with a sore throat and cough. Boo.
I actually wound up going out on friday night, on water and 200 calories of eggs and mayo (I was planning on doing a fat fast and then my best friend came and kidnapped me). Later on I had one of those chipotle burrito bowls but I only ate like idk 75%  of it. Lots of dancing, LOTS OF ALCOHOL. I must've had at least 8 drinks. Didn't really get drunk though, surprisingly. Apparently chipotle just absorbs alcohol. I was out from like 6pm-2am and my poor feet were practically hobbled by the time I got back. My feet still sort of hurt right now which is really sad.
I got down to 328.6 today which I think is mostly due to dehydration so we shall see. I didn't count cals today because I am honestly trying to eat as much as possible to get rid of this cold. I have stuffed nose now too. Coughing and sore throat I can deal with but stuffed nose just annoys me so much, breathing is important. Unfortunately because I'm sick my appetite is like nothing. I didn't eat until 7pm today. I had two sandwiches. My bf tried to get me to eat more later and I wound up just having some lemon sorbet (trying to stay away from dairy because it makes the stuffed nose worse). On any other day I would be super proud but I feel like I won't get better if I don't eat more. But oh well.
I'm currently running on three hours of sleep because my nose stopped up while I was sleeping and then I got into some sneezing and coughing fits that were super loud so I just left my room so I wouldn't wake up my roommate. She's going to church early though so I can sleep in less than two hours. Yay.
Ugh i am so tired and achy. But you guys deserved an update. I am still fighting the good fight, maybe too well I need to get over this cold haha.