Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi guys,
Yeah I know, I know: wtf scarlet? WTF.
Well, I have been unreasonably busy. I'm trying to clean my room (not done), get my textbooks (will do today!!), get school supplies (deff this weekend), get my fookin paycheck from this research project I did (assholes will not pay. "The paperwork is all in..." Blah blah blah), lose weight (....), and buy back to school clothes (THIS WEEK FER SURE).
I haven't lost any weight, which kinda sucks. Well, correction, I did lose some weight, like 0.4 lbs. I was 199 today. Yippee...anyways though, even though I barely lost anything, I DID lose a dress size!!!!! I can wear both pairs of my size 12 pants! One is by Express and the other is jones of new york!! :D soooo WOOHOO for that.
Since my new semester starts on monday and I highly doubt any weight will be lost (weekend, parents, you know the drill) I am going to focus on looking as sleek and sexy as possible. That means LOTS of toning. I was doing toning anyway and I look really good, but now I wanna look amazing!
I know what you're thinking: I should be freaking out of my mind that I didn't lose any weight. Well I'm not because this lovely thing called the semester is going to solve my problems. I have THE MOST swing shift like schedule ever. And if I'm stuck at school, I can't eat. When I come home I have to do homework and study so I CAN'T EAT. I'll be lucky if I get one meal a day. AND because I get home early on tuesdays and thursdays I might just make those water fasting days! Who the hell knows the possibilities are ENDLESS. So that's my big plan. My triumphant return.
Also making a return: the drama in my life. You guys remember Steve right? Formerly known as SM, was dating the evil ex-bestie Linda, I had the biggest crush on him when I was 14 (and 15) and now I'm kinda back in contact with him but I just want to be friends? Yeah, him. Welllll he and Linda broke up. And he deleted her from his facebook. And he changed his relationship status to single. I was like daaaamn I didn't that was going to happen!! I mean they've been going out for three years and kapow! Over and done. I can't say I'm not more than a bit happy because Linda is a bitch, so there.
I am sure this little bit of drama is only the tip of the iceberg this semester. I got my confidence going, I have new classes, new people, and yet the old people are still around too! I am sosososososoSO excited I am almost bursting out of my skin. I can't wait to just go out there and take over the world. Fasten your seatbelts ladies, the ride is about to begin!!
PS: I love you guys so much and hello to new followers!!!! <3 :)
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Practical Purposes

Hey guys!
So I weighed in today...199.8! So for all practical purposes I am back to the weight I was before hell week. So only to lower things from here!
Nothing much has been happening lately. I now workout three times a day: morning powerwalk, afternoon toning and marching/dancing in place, and nightly runs. And of course I'm still liquid fasting so everything is going well!
I do have issues with my mirror though, it changes daily. Last week I swear I thought my calves looked so huge. I put on different outfits and everything and I just couldn't get that view outta my head. But yesterday I thought my legs looked pretty good! So either I am losing weight in my legs or I'm just crazy. Idk, probably both!
On the life front, SC and A have sorta switched places. I had an actual normal convo with A last week (say whaaat??), that was unusual. Then I messaged SC asking him about his summer and when he's coming back to the states and such and how I hope he hasn't forgotten about me! He wrote back saying he's been here for like a week and a half for preseason training! I was just like WTF!!!!! He knows I work on campus everyday. He could easily say let's hang out. But he didn't. Asshole, just wait till you see me, you're gonna pass out and I will walk over your still and heartless body. Prick. Sorry for the rant but that hurt!
Another thing new in my life: I have a personality. I know you're thinking what the hell am I talking about but lately I have been going in places and talking to people. I went to office depot the other day and the sales guy needed to write his name on the card and needed a pen. He asked him coworker who didn't have one either! So I said "wait so you mean to tell me you guys work in office depot and don't have a pen? Shame on you!" I said with a little laugh. WHAT? Old me would have just stood there and said nada while they found a pen or whatever. Last week I went to best buy and talked to this cute sales guy. We bonded over being unlucky in electronics! I went to staples and I was looking for a roller backpack. I asked one of the workers and as we were walking around I told her how I have to get once because I'm using luggage and everyone thinks I'm about to catch the next plane for aruba, lol. Holy fuck I'm normal. Idk how it happened but I became a person over the last 17 lbs. I can't wait for the next semester because I finally get to experience college as a grade-driven but likable person rather than a grade-driven and painfully shy zombie. Oh yeah, I predict way more interesting stuff when school starts. You guys won't be able to keep up,lol.
WannaBskinny: thanks babe!!!
Jo: aww thanks!!! I watch the biggest loser ALL THE TIME!!! It's amazing what they do on there, if I can lose as much as they do I will be GOLDEN!!!! :)
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Keep Moving Forward!

Hey guys!
So the weekend went well, still liquid fasting! Finally aunt flo is gone so I'm going to give it a bit of time before I weigh so that I won't get whopped with water weight. Idk why but my body doesn't like getting rid of the weight immediately!! Check my old blog entries if you don't believe me! It never happens I like have to effin work for it. No worries though, just gotta keep going!!
I have been having this twitch in the back of my brain that's just like bingebingebinge. It's my EDNOS leaking through obviously. But I'm resisting fairly easily because this isn't a "oh I just want I little dang I ate the whole bag" kinda craving. It a go and buy an entire cake and eat the whole damn thing kinda craving. However I know I'd never be able to get my hands on something so much and I know a minor binge isn't going to cut it so why do it at all??? Exactly. So I'm pretty safe. That's the benefit of having everyone in the house dieting, there's never anything here!
Did I tell you guys my mom is liquid fasting with me??? Well she is up until like the 28th of august! Well technically that's how long I'm going for too because I have to break the fast with fruits and veggies because the next day we celebrate my parent's anniversary. The anniversary is on the 31st but that's a tuesday and that's kind of shit for a celebration!
In other news, it looks like I might finally get paid by my job on friday!!!!!!! Wooooo! I am immediately going to go and buy either a toshiba or an HP laptop. Same price, same specs, different stores. If the toshiba is out of stock I'm getting the HP. Then I'm going to redecorate my room! And buy skinny cloths!!! Putting that off for a bit though, because every 14 I pick up fits great, but I can squeeze (shoehorn) myself into twelves so with a lot of starving and a little luck hopefully I can get all my back to school stuff in that size!!!
I'm doing pretty well on cals now, about 700 a day! Much lower than what I was doing *shutter*. Anyway, today is a short post because nothing truly interesting is happening! Lol, but I may have some nice stuff happening soooon!!! :)
Sarah staying skinny: why thank you! I'm working it down just a bit lowwwerr!! :)
Therebirthofsaphira: thanks babe! I'm keeping my eyes on the prize!!!
AnaNae: it's a scary barrier! Because as long as you're in the low 200s you can feel pretty okay, but when you get to the 190s, if you even sneeze the wrong way it's back to the salt mines of 200 and it feels pretty bad! But you can do this. You can go to 190s, then 180s and every little barrier drop puts you on safer ground! :) water pills....that's a good idea!!! I mean but only because of lady week, I've got water to burn! Lol
Elora Rose: omg you're so lucky!!!! I wish I was out of school that long! But yes we can do this!!!!!!!! :)
Katie: yup were gonna rock this month like an earthquake!!!!!! Haha yeah I have fast hands!!! <3
Jo: wow thanks that means a lot! I am definetly hitting it on all fronts because I've got to give it all I've got!! Haha yeah no one taught me liquids had, jk ;P
Okay ladies, I am off to get skinny!!
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