Thursday, August 5, 2010

Practical Purposes

Hey guys!
So I weighed in today...199.8! So for all practical purposes I am back to the weight I was before hell week. So only to lower things from here!
Nothing much has been happening lately. I now workout three times a day: morning powerwalk, afternoon toning and marching/dancing in place, and nightly runs. And of course I'm still liquid fasting so everything is going well!
I do have issues with my mirror though, it changes daily. Last week I swear I thought my calves looked so huge. I put on different outfits and everything and I just couldn't get that view outta my head. But yesterday I thought my legs looked pretty good! So either I am losing weight in my legs or I'm just crazy. Idk, probably both!
On the life front, SC and A have sorta switched places. I had an actual normal convo with A last week (say whaaat??), that was unusual. Then I messaged SC asking him about his summer and when he's coming back to the states and such and how I hope he hasn't forgotten about me! He wrote back saying he's been here for like a week and a half for preseason training! I was just like WTF!!!!! He knows I work on campus everyday. He could easily say let's hang out. But he didn't. Asshole, just wait till you see me, you're gonna pass out and I will walk over your still and heartless body. Prick. Sorry for the rant but that hurt!
Another thing new in my life: I have a personality. I know you're thinking what the hell am I talking about but lately I have been going in places and talking to people. I went to office depot the other day and the sales guy needed to write his name on the card and needed a pen. He asked him coworker who didn't have one either! So I said "wait so you mean to tell me you guys work in office depot and don't have a pen? Shame on you!" I said with a little laugh. WHAT? Old me would have just stood there and said nada while they found a pen or whatever. Last week I went to best buy and talked to this cute sales guy. We bonded over being unlucky in electronics! I went to staples and I was looking for a roller backpack. I asked one of the workers and as we were walking around I told her how I have to get once because I'm using luggage and everyone thinks I'm about to catch the next plane for aruba, lol. Holy fuck I'm normal. Idk how it happened but I became a person over the last 17 lbs. I can't wait for the next semester because I finally get to experience college as a grade-driven but likable person rather than a grade-driven and painfully shy zombie. Oh yeah, I predict way more interesting stuff when school starts. You guys won't be able to keep up,lol.
WannaBskinny: thanks babe!!!
Jo: aww thanks!!! I watch the biggest loser ALL THE TIME!!! It's amazing what they do on there, if I can lose as much as they do I will be GOLDEN!!!! :)
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  1. Great work!! I know what you mean about the personality thing and ... I'VE HAD A GUY DO THAT TO ME TOO!!! I WAS SO ANGRY!

  2. i love running at night. &kudos on 199.8, that's awesome. keep up the good work, little miss.


  3. Keep up the rockin work... whatever it takes right?

    <3 Katerina

  4. You are so much better than me. I'm envious of your constant strength.

  5. I wonder if I will find myself again in the next 15-20 pounds too... It is amazing the better we feel, the more we put ourselves out there and take risks... Tomorrow is back on track day... I need this! I was wondering if you could read my most recent post and tell me if you ever went thru any of the emotional battles I am currently struggling with... That may help. Knowing Im not alone and all...

  6. That's your sexiness shining through Scarlet! Sexy Scarlet... I knew it! :)

    I've been a bit of a mess lately too. Not losing how I need to be. Let's get back on track! I'm here with you if you wanna fast or something. I'm doing a liquid day today. Gotta get my house in order this week, but after I'm done, I'm thinking water fast.