Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi guys,
Yeah I know, I know: wtf scarlet? WTF.
Well, I have been unreasonably busy. I'm trying to clean my room (not done), get my textbooks (will do today!!), get school supplies (deff this weekend), get my fookin paycheck from this research project I did (assholes will not pay. "The paperwork is all in..." Blah blah blah), lose weight (....), and buy back to school clothes (THIS WEEK FER SURE).
I haven't lost any weight, which kinda sucks. Well, correction, I did lose some weight, like 0.4 lbs. I was 199 today. Yippee...anyways though, even though I barely lost anything, I DID lose a dress size!!!!! I can wear both pairs of my size 12 pants! One is by Express and the other is jones of new york!! :D soooo WOOHOO for that.
Since my new semester starts on monday and I highly doubt any weight will be lost (weekend, parents, you know the drill) I am going to focus on looking as sleek and sexy as possible. That means LOTS of toning. I was doing toning anyway and I look really good, but now I wanna look amazing!
I know what you're thinking: I should be freaking out of my mind that I didn't lose any weight. Well I'm not because this lovely thing called the semester is going to solve my problems. I have THE MOST swing shift like schedule ever. And if I'm stuck at school, I can't eat. When I come home I have to do homework and study so I CAN'T EAT. I'll be lucky if I get one meal a day. AND because I get home early on tuesdays and thursdays I might just make those water fasting days! Who the hell knows the possibilities are ENDLESS. So that's my big plan. My triumphant return.
Also making a return: the drama in my life. You guys remember Steve right? Formerly known as SM, was dating the evil ex-bestie Linda, I had the biggest crush on him when I was 14 (and 15) and now I'm kinda back in contact with him but I just want to be friends? Yeah, him. Welllll he and Linda broke up. And he deleted her from his facebook. And he changed his relationship status to single. I was like daaaamn I didn't that was going to happen!! I mean they've been going out for three years and kapow! Over and done. I can't say I'm not more than a bit happy because Linda is a bitch, so there.
I am sure this little bit of drama is only the tip of the iceberg this semester. I got my confidence going, I have new classes, new people, and yet the old people are still around too! I am sosososososoSO excited I am almost bursting out of my skin. I can't wait to just go out there and take over the world. Fasten your seatbelts ladies, the ride is about to begin!!
PS: I love you guys so much and hello to new followers!!!! <3 :)
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  1. Scarlet, I'm so excited for you!!! Your last few posts have been so positive and inspiring! You're seriously a role model for me. All the comments you leave for people in our community, the way you care about more than just weight, and how you're about to take college by STORM...
    Congratulations. =D

  2. Scarlet-
    I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and I'm so glad I did! You are a great inspiration! My HW was 240 and my GW for the end of December is 199. My ultimate GW is 115-120. That you have gone from a HW: 270 to CW: 199 gives me hope that I can do the same! Thank you so much for being such an awesome role model! Good luck with college! I can't wait for your next update :)

  3. Hey, enjoyed reading your post, really, felt like I was reading a book fresh out of Barnes&Noble. Wonder what you're taking up in college, will read up your older posts to find out. As for the losing weight, or not, part, well, we're in the same limbo, I haven't shed a pound, well I do, then I gain them all back, boo.
    Oops, gotta get back to work. Read up on you later.
    Mary anorexia protein

  4. Hi Scarlet,

    I just wanted to wish you good luck with the coming semester. And I also wanted to let you know that you're beautiful!

  5. Hello Scarlet! My HW was 205 and LW 135, cw 155. Losing weight is easy, but i always ate everyday; you can gorge yourself on veggies to feel full, basically no calories in that, as long as youre getting 1 hour exercise a day and staying under 1250 calories you're good. That's the way I did it, and a size 8, bmi of 23 is good enough for me.