Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dodging Bullets

You know what's the most dangerous thing about being friends with all guys? That they eat ALL THE TIME. Like seriously it's ridiculous. Every four hours they're all like "Dude I'm starving," and I'm thinking you have no idea what starving is. But apart from that, they never get fat. It's like in every guy are like three other people. Sigh.
Girls are awesome, they never want to bring up food. I mean with the exception of my best friend, she brings up food all the time, but she doesn't count haha.  Too bad I don't get along with girls too well. I am stuck with these guys...
As you're probably figuring, this has something to do with me hanging out with my friend who's a model yesterday. Well it turned into me hanging out with that friend and our other friend (also a guy). It was all fine but literally as soon as we all met up it was like "I'm so hungry let's get food." It was 2:30 in the afternoon...I wouldn't normally eat for another 5 hours! But FINE. So we go to the mall and hit up this place where I get like an open bowl burrito. Black beans, not refried (god forbid), brown rice, grilled veggies,etc. It was a decent choice and I drank water to boot. The only thing I didn't expect was to hang out with them SO LONG. I didn't go home until 10pm. And around 6 they wanted to go see a movie which meant they wanted to go get MORE FOOD before the movie because the theatre food is too expensive. Insert Subway. I had a six inch veggie patty sandwich again with water, so decent but you know, not what I wanted to do with my food for the day. On the brightside we walked around a lot. So yay for small victories.
The last death nail for my day was when my parent's picked me up. I had an absolutely vicious headache. It felt like my brain was going to explode or something. I think it was because the mall food had a lot of salt most likely, because I started getting it after that and then it just started building up, so by the end of the night I was one step from death. I told my parents and instead of giving me aspirin or something, they say I need to settle my stomach so they buy me a milkshake. OH WHAT THE FUCK. I only drank half of it, but by that point my head was STILL killing me AND I felt fat as hell. Yippee.
I got home, managed not to collapse on my way up the stairs (I'm not kidding, this was like a full blown migraine), ran to my advil, popped three of them, and collapsed into bed with my misery at 10:30pm. Yup that's right, I ate all of that food and then let my body go completely inactive for 8 hours. I woke up this morning and I considered avoiding the scale. I mean why depress myself? But if there is one thing I am not, it is a wimp. I never shy away from the truth.
So I walked over to my scale and weighed myself....I nearly did a backflip. Half a pound up. HALF A POUND. That's like nothing. I mean really, that's basically just a bit of water retention! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!
Today is a good day. It's like 8:30am right now, so I'm just sipping water and browsing the internets. I fully intend to be awesome today, as always haha.
Also even though it's magical, I may have to stop jumping parents keep on complaining about how old our house is and how I might be damaging it. On top of that my mom keeps saying how my hair keeps turning into a mess all the time (I have my hair straightened and intense sweat is not my friend) and that she has to keep redoing it. Seeing that I have to go back to campus in less than a week is not comforting because she's only gonna do my hair like every two weeks once I go back. My life, sigh. So I'm going to do strength training (crunches, squats, lunges, push-ups, planks) and then once I get back to campus I'll go to the gym and walk on the treadmills. That should be low sweat and burn about the same calories if I do it for long enough. All I have to do is wake up at a reasonable time to go to the gym because on mondays and wednesdays I don't have class until 1:50. Tuesdays and thursdays I have class at 10am and 3:15pm so maybe I'll fit it in in between those two, and then fridays, I have nothing at all. I think saturday and sunday I'll just chill out because honestly I don't want to see my friends in the gym. It sounds silly but meh it annoys me to work out around people I know.
So that's my day, hope you guys are doing awesome and thanks for all the support!
Scarlet ^_^
PS: I changed from doing a heart in my sign-off because apparently blogger thinks it's html. *Shrugs*

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  1. I know what you mean I have three younger brothers and growing up in a house being the only girl watching as my brothers devoured mountains of food while still keepig there six packs drove me mental, lol! My boyfriend is the same way man can eat whatever he wants and doesn't gain a pound. *sigh* boys