Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lucky 13

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Sorry for the hiatus, finals were cuh-razy and I pretty much spent the last month of my life alternating between drinking with my friends, dealing with the holidays, and showing my bed some MAJOR love. On the bright side, all of that has actually resulted in some pounds disappearing! So far since December 18, I am down about 5 lbs. That is credited mostly to the fact that I have been so sleepy lately and I got sick so my bed has been my chill spot haha.
Let's see, as far as school I ended up with a 3.0 GPA, but my grades are literally A, B, and C so just under the wire there. Still have to retake the class that I got a C in because it's a major class that I have to get a B in for it to count *sigh*. But I mean, whatever I'll just kick ass this Spring.
I have high hopes for this year, I can feel it. This is it. It has to be. Since I am someone that believes in destiny and life sending me signs, when I look at this year I see something that reflects on me. 2013. Firstly, I just turned 20 so that part is kinda significant. And 13 is a traditionally unlucky number and for something good to happen with it would be an anomaly. Anomaly should be my middle name. Nothing in my life ever makes logical sense. Every relationship has some crazy facet to it. Nothing is ever cut and dry simple. EVER. Trust me on this. Example:  I broke up with my ex because our relationship was deteriorating. Fine. I wound up crushing on his best friend (who's my friend too, but I met him through my ex). Okay. Somehow I wind up telling this friend that I like him, but sadly he doesn't like me back. FIIIIIIIIIIINE, whatever, life goes on. Jump forward into the winter break where my friends and I all get together drinking and just being young and crazy. My ex is going to Texas for break but he was bugging me about getting back together, so I take like 45 minutes in the dorm hallway telling him that even though I value our friendship we can't get back together, in all of my tipsy splendor. Fast forward to the end of the night when I am waaaay too tipsy so I ask my ex's best friend (who is self proclaimed to be sobered up) to walk me back to my room. We get to my room, he tucks me in my bed and sits there for a while staring at me. My pupils are dilated, my voice is much higher than normal, and there's a certain vulnerability  about me as I fitfully cover up in the sheets with debilitated coordination. In short, I might as well have been an innocent adorable kitten. Insert me blindly reaching out and using his muscular body as a pillow and my fate has been sealed: he leans down and full on kisses me. Like REALLY kisses me. I don't know why, and at the time I really didn't care, it was awesome.
How does this even happen!?!?!?! So as you can see, if you look up anomaly in the dictionary there should be a picture of me next to it. If that's the case, then in a year that's unlucky, my life should be looking up! Therefore my goals (SKINNY PLEASE) should be achieved, and that is the attitude I'm taking. This is the year to kick ass and do anything I put my mind to, no time to waste.
You knew there was going to be one.
1) Jump rope everyday

It's crazy but I started jumping rope on Jan 1st and I have to say it's fucking magical. I can feel my legs,   abs, and even my pesky flabby arms toning. Like seriously, it's amazing. And I suck at jumping rope to boot. I was one of those terribly unfortunate children that missed the hand-eye coordination giveaways. So if I get these results while being horrible, you know it's good. I can do about 20 reps before I swat myself and stop, and then I rest and restart within like a minute. I haven't timed it but that's my estimate. Then I do this for about 30-45 minutes. It's an excellent workout and I can do it indoors (even though my parents think I'm going to crash through the floor one of these days haha).

2) Only eat dinner

This one is mostly for convenience and the fact that I have basically been doing this all break and I'm down in weight, so it's doing something. When I say dinner I'm obviously not talking about a food fest. I'm thinking like 500 cals. Like I'll have eggs with oatmeal. Or light noodles with salad. Something sensible. Lately I've been eating around 7pm or so, but once the semester starts that will probably move up to like 5 or 5:30p, because the caf has the most ridiculous dinner hours. 4:30-7...really? What are we, senior citizens? But whatever, I'll deal with it.

Also with this, I only get one plate of food at the caf. Half of it must be salad, then a quarter whatever seemingly innocent entree they have, and a quarter like yogurt with fruit or something. Simple enough.

3) Water, Water, Water

Aiming for 2L a day. I have a water bottle, only have to drink 2 of them! :) I think it makes my skin better and helps the ole metabolism.


I am a nationally recognized night owl. It is not uncommon for me to still be awake at 4am in the morning. 2am is the regular bedtime. I think I will attempt to be in bed by 2am every night. My earliest class is 10 am so I'll get like 7 hours of sleep minimum. I think a lot of my issues came from staying up too late, getting hungry, and eating straight up junk. Not good for the body at all.

I think that's about it, I should be able to make some major ground with this. It makes sense, it's not too crazy, and it will never raise anyone's suspicions. Luckily (sadly?) my parents are super supportive of anything I do regarding weight loss. ANYTHING. They'd probably worry if I were a lot skinnier, but I guess my body has enough fat to support itself haha.
Speaking of, I don't think I'll be eating tomorrow. My friend, who used to be an Abercrombie and Fitch model (this boy is adorbs), randomly asked to hang out on Friday. Considering that I have not been on my best behavior on the weight thing this past semester I feel it necessary to give myself a bit of a boost since I don't have much time. *shrugs*
Also I have 3 goals events for the spring semester:
1) Organizational Conference:
In March I have a conference with my engineering organization. CAREER FAIR PEOPLE. I need an internship, and people are more likely to hire you if you're smart and pretty. :)
2) Spring Formal:
So I definitely have to be amazing for this. It's in mid-April and it's a big deal to me. I had lovely pictures from last year (ha) where I was like 30 lbs less than I am now *tears* and my date was gorgeous *more tears*. I want better than those. And to do that I will need to be skinny. And find a date, but screw the date, if I'm skinny enough I will be happy just to bring a mirror!!
3) Graduation (not mine):
So a bunch of my friends graduated this semester and left the country :( BUT they will be back in May for graduation! I fully intend to take enough pictures to make an instagram blow up and I want to look good in them. Also just being able to see the shock on my friend's faces will be awesome!!

And finally, as always, I'm doing it for myself. :)

Comments! People are here!!! Thanks for all the support guys and I will follow you guys' blogs ASAP, thanks for listening to my crazy thoughts.
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  1. haha i love making the rules for the year. god this year i hope i stick to them. :3

  2. Out of all the awesome stuff you posted about I think the best part was that you said you were doing this for yourself. And your totally right this is gonna be a kick ass year. I just feel so strong and hopeful.

    Also congrats. on the lip action with the cutie :)