Thursday, January 17, 2013

Powered Up!

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with the whole first week of classes thing and catching up with people, you know how it is haha.
Anyways, I got new batteries for my scale!!!! I weighed in yesterday and I was actually a bit scared. I mean yeah I've been doing what I was supposed to, but you never know, over a week with no guide whatsoever? But I put in the batteries and stepped on to be judged....5 lbs down!!!!!!!!
I mean granted it's 5 down from the start of mother nature week but whatever 5 is 5 so I am happy. I haven't been to the gym yet since I got to campus, but  that's mostly just me being lazy. I mean I wake up at like 8am everyday on my own so I honestly should just stop sitting around go out and brave the cold.
Also I had a small edit to my plan. The one meal a day thing didn't happen mostly because of me waking up so early everyday (because my sleep cycle is trolling me) so for the past week I've been having like 2 eggs in the morning  or 2 packets of oatmeal. So it's like an extra 140-260 cals. *shrugs* The cafeteria has been greatly aiding in my endeavors because everything over there is inedible. I'm not kidding, I'm a vegetarian so everything with meat is already off the table. Then they do things like have spinach potato latkes which I initially thought were innocent until I looked up at the little nutrition signs they have and saw that those things were 500 cals a piece!!!! O_O They were so small like smallish pancake. So I basically ran away from them. All of the veg entrees have been like that lately, like so weird that they wouldn't even be worth the cals they have! So I have been living off of a plate that is half pasta and half salad. Is it balanced? Nope. Do I give a damn? Nope. As long as I get skinny and I can claim that I'm being semi-healthy about it I could care less.
So basically that has been my food life. As for real ex STILL apparently wants to get back together even though it's not gonna happen. We were supposed to marathon Game of Thrones because we are apparently the only people on earth who haven't watched it yet and he basically started making out with me in an attempt to get me back. It's really annoying because when I look at him I don't see us romantically at all. Even thinking about kissing him or whatever is a thought that slightly puts me off to be honest. It's only when he's actually kissing me that it seems alright, but as soon as it stops it's back to non-romanticness. I don't know if that makes any sense but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Also all of this "I will make you love me" approach is not the way to get me back. I am a girl that is seduced from the mind. Once you get my thoughts, you've got me. If I sit around all day replaying conversations we had and laughing to myself, lighting up when we text, and if I start doing nice things for you then I like you. I've never been someone physical. I mean I was a virgin until I was 19 I can live without physical contact haha. So basically ever since that episode he's kinda angry at me because I just stopped dealing with the issue of getting back together. I've told him three times already since we broke up, I'm not gonna sit around and keep telling him like he's a child.  We have this antagonistic interaction now and I'm like whatever.
Hopefully all of this fades away, and all of the awkwardness leaves soon, because it's spilling over into my friendship with the friend who wound up kissing me that one night (the one that was friends with the ex first?). Like we used to get along so well and now it's just weird. Almost like he's driving me away, but he's not. I guess he's forcing distance between us, and I don't really like it. I don't even want to get together with him. I don't want to hook up, I mean I just want to go back to being friends like we were and he's just NOT LETTING IT HAPPEN DAMMIT.
Whatever, we'll see how this pans out. Until next time,
Scarlet ^_^
Sam: I saw your comment but for some reason it's not on the blog. Thank you! :) and basically all of the brat pack movies, I love them all ^_*


  1. FIVE ENTIRE POUNDS?! holy shit. gorgeous, babee!
    no. do not brave the cold. sit in the darkness and wallow in despair. the cold is never worth it. stay indoors with 5+ layers and bathe in hot tea. that is the only thing that is worth effort.
    have i seduced you yet? i can definitely get into your mind. i don't have my medical licence yet and i won't until 6 years later but i have a wrench and im not afraid to use it on your head so yup. i will open up your mind from love.
    well, mostly love. some of it is fascination.
    and my comments hate me because
    well i switched browsers so i hope this works! :D
    -Sam Lupin

  2. 5 pounds? OMG! And I'm a vegan & also a PB-allergic girl so that puts everything at my school off-limits.
    I wish I could lose 5 lbs asap.
    Good luck to you :)

  3. Yay! 5 pounds is amazing! Damn your lucky! I'm a veggie as well and I was a vegan until I discovered powdered egg whites, 15 cals no carbs, fucking amazing!!! Plus the protien puts you in ketosis and your body starts burning fat instead of food:) check them out!