Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring Back


So by valentine's day morning I was down to 327.4, so down 2.6 lbs which I think is decent. I tried not to go crazy on valentines day, but I expected to go over my cals. My boyfriend was amazing, he bought me a rose and one of those reese's heart (the big one, I love reeses) along with a 4ft teddy bear and a sterling silver black and white diamond pendant. Then at night he took me to this  really nice italian restaurant. Oh gosh I love him so much. I didn't weigh yesterday because I felt like it might have ruined my mood if the number was too high. Contrary to popular belief, it is fully possible to learn from mistakes and I know from before that high numbers=sad scarlet=not caring. This time around is all about progress so I didn't weigh and I ate pretty conservatively. I had like a sandwich (170cals) and snacked on sugar free jello and light popcorn (200 max? popcorn is 35 cals a cup and the jello was maybe 20 or 50? if that?) until I made dinner which I tried to make an asian dish that just turned into shrimp and broccoli with rice and I didn't eat the rice really (300? 400?) definitely under 800 for the day. 
I made the choice to weigh in today because really what I ate for vday wasn't that bad and yesterdays food was really good, and any remaining calories should have been burned off by sex. I'm back to 327.4! :) so I only lost one day which makes me crazy happy, now I can just keep moving forward without any setbacks. 
Today I am going home for bible study with my parents. I'm not worried about food because as you may remember I accidentally gave my parents disordered habits. They are currently 45 days into a liquid fast. 45 out of 100. Yeah so no worries about food there, the only thing i have to worry about is feeling like a total weakling next to them. I chalk it up to fasting for me leads to binging and I have to actually study for school and stuff and they have nothing to do. I already ate lunch so I should be fine. I'm only at 400 cals exactly. I might pack some crystal light and that will last me until probably 9pm (it's 1:30 now). 
Comment answers!
Sam: Haha I have never been a breakfast person. I don't like waking up early (unless I have to for class) and by the time I get around to eating it is always noon or later so bfast doesn't exist for me lol

Scarlet ^_^


  1. Whoa! 100 days? Can't imagine willing giving up food for that long. Congratulations on the weight loss. V day can be a real killer to any diet so it's great to hear that you managed it so well! :)

  2. omg 100 day liquid fast. i might just die. i have a lot of fat but not enough to take me on for a 100 day liquid fast. but wow, 45 days in! fuck. that's amazing. are they allowing soup and stuff?
    also, congrats on the loss! 2.6lbs is nothing to be shy about. for me, 2.6lbs is enough to take me down like .5 BMI points (that is a lot of BMI points in my opinion!) 1lb takes FOREVER to take off.

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. yikes. i can't imagine a liquid fast when you have work. like at all.
    PSS. i'm glad the boyfriend cares. you deserves it. enjoy him, gorgeous xxx