Monday, July 26, 2010

Rags To Riches

Hey guys!
Thank you guys soooooo much for the congratulations on my last post, I can't stop smiling!!!! :D
So today I'm juice fasting, and that's going to be up till thursday when I switch to water for four days. I know it's supposed to be reversed but aunt flo came today and all I want it carbscarbscarbs nomnomnom, not gonna happen, take this apple juice and stfu. So you see if I did water It'd be binge central which is totally unacceptable. I didn't weigh today and probably won't weigh the whole week. I have never been more terrified of my weights than this time of the month. I can gain between 2-11 lbs in water (yeah I know) so unless I want to risk causing myself to jump off the nearest cliff I will just mosey away from the scale...
The weekend wasn't awful. I mean I wasn't stuffing my face the whole time. On saturday we had a slice of cake a bakery for bfast (I know, like wtf that's not food) and then later we had dinner at a chinese restaurant. I had kung pao tofu which according to calorie king is like 500cals. Fine. Yesterday I had a banana and pb and j crackers for bfast and popcorn for lunch/dinner (big bag) and that was the day. So overall it was okay.
I saw Inception yesterday and OMFG that movie is amazingggg!!!! It also has my longest standing crush in it, aka joseph gordon leavitt. I have been crushing on that boy since he played Tommy in 3rd rock from the sun. He looks so adult and sexy now. Okay okay I'll stop! :) anyway, the movie is awesome and there are cute guys in it and you might come away googly eyed. @_@
In other news, today I wrote the guy who's over the grant that will pay me for my job and basically told him that I am broke and living off of peanut butter and crackers (not true, lol) and NOW I'm going to get some money on thursday!!!! Yayy!!!! That means saving money for new skinny cloths for school and buying some laxies. I miss them. I hate the laxi tea. I'm trying to stop the purging. Aaand I am sick of the weekend doing head trips on me. If I have laxi pills I can flush it all away!! Also, I can time them. Pills are awesome like that. I do a morning walk everyday at 7am, do you reeeaaalllyyyy think I'm going to trust a TEA not to hit at that time or *gasp* while I'm a WORK!?! Pills are dependable. So yay for that!
I think that is all for now so till next time, ciao dahlings! Lololol :)
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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only breaking into a little sweat over Joseph coz hot damn! he was dead sexy in that flick.

    And laxies? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, oh no, no, girlchild, no.

    I realize that laxies make things seem easier, but you will seriously fuck your digestive system up if you are regularly juice/water fasting AND using laxies. No, you will seriously fuck your digestive tract up using laxies, period.

    Regular, long term use of laxative pills makes it impossible for your colon (coz it's only your colon they affect) to do its job alone. It forgets how to do what it's supposed to do. Not to mention dehydration? Oh...the illusory weight loss caused by dehydration.

    If you feel like you need a little help in the poop department, especially while liquid fasting, try mixing some fiber into your liquids. Apple Pectin or Psyllium Seed husk, something like that with both digestible and indigestible fibers which will provide negligible calories and mass in the colon which keeps the colon from ever being so flat empty that it doesn't remember how to poop anymore.

    //end laxies rant

    As for not purging, remind yourself that food/calories are not inherently evil. If you've eaten something you craved, there was a reason your body wanted to eat it. Figure out what that reason is. Are you low on good fats? Eat an extra teaspoon of olive oil with your salad, or put a teaspoon of peanut butter into your berry smoothies. Your body needs certain things to function, your brain needs A LOT of glucose, more than any other organ in your body. If you're craving sweets, your brain (especially if you concentrate really hard at work/school) needs fuel. Complex carbohydrates are your brain's best friends. Eat what you need so your body doesn't force you to eat against your will. No unwanted food choices = no reason to purge, yeah?

    Did someone say new clothes?!

    New clothes are my prozac, honey.

    This weekend I bought jeggings and a bunch of random shit from American Apparel...I say, when you go shopping, go hard. Try on everything in the store, try on shit you know you'd never buy or wear in public in a million years, but try it on just because you can and it fits.

    I go into places and try on like 10 or 15 outfits, take pix of myself in them to post to twitter, then buy maybe 1 or 2 things.

    It's like a mini-catwalk experience. Private modelling contract. lol

  2. A little late but HUGE CONGRATS ON 199!!!!!!! Such a huge milestone! You're doing so good! Keep it up! <3

  3. SCARLET I LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMZING AND I MISS YOU TOOOOO. <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
    YOU and 199.4 omgosh I love you. Miss you soo much but I've been super busy working and such. Thats no f-ing excuse of course because during school I was living off like 3 hours of sleep but I've been being a lazy bechacha sleeping way to to to muccho. Okay so I read half your last post and I was like, hell ya scarlet is hero time. :) Okay so now flo is evil and effecting me to. I have gained so fucking much, seriously 155 and feeling sick. I meen seriously wtf is wrong with me. Look at you. I'm juice fasting with you. You are amazing beautiful and strong. Love you. Okay so ummmmm joseph gordon leavitt is so amazingly hot I have been so entirly in love with him (and zoey deschanel) since 500 days of summer. I saw inception this weekend to and wow, my faze part is when he's like "here quiq kiss me" to distract the subconsios peoples. If ya know what I'm talking about. Just so cute.

  4. Well, I'd say be careful of the laxies, but then I take Bronkaid to try to curb my appetite (it works OK to get me through my "hungry/low energy time" mid-afternoon, though it's no phentermine), so I guess I can't judge.

    Do you have another short-term goal on the horizon? I'm guessing your school year starts late August-early September...if you have as good an August as you did, can you imagine how awesome you are going to feel? Stay strong!

  5. LOL I <3 Joseph Gorden-Levitt, too!

    (I feel my first post should be somthing non-Ana. So, HI!)