Friday, July 2, 2010

Saints and Sinners

"Forget about guns and forget ammunition, 'cause I'm killin' 'em all with my own little mission, no I'm not a saint, but I'm not a sinner, but everything's cool long as I'm getting thinner..."
-- "The Fear" by Lily Allen
Hey guys!
So good news: I LOST WEIGHT!!! Yay! Down 1.4 lbs as of this morning. However, I can't say the loss was just like whapow! And I have the award given to me and I get to be all "wow this was so unexpected..." Yeah no. I hadn't lost any weight yesterday after going to bed at a weight that shouldve guaranteed a loss. Then my parents had to go to a funeral so we had to wake up early and I had to say bye-bye to my morning run, that was the first thing. But to make up for it I didn't eat bfast. After I got off of work (approx 12:30p), my parents decided to go to a chinese restaurant. Now as you've seen in at least 5 other posts, asian food can send me into a spastic frenzy. It always takes me forever to decide what doesn't come in a fatty or salty (or BOTH) sauce and doesn't come with anything fried of whatever. So I got sauteed tofu, which came in a big ass bowl, and rice of course came with. White rice. Not even brown rice. I have problems with foods that have nnv (or no nutritional value). So I ate that and felt wayy too full. I wouldn't have eaten it all but my dad was proclaiming "no leftovers!" So blech. THEN he bought me this strawberry mousse cake that was light, sure, but didn't mix with the tofu well. I could feel my stomach pulse everytime I took a step. I could barely BREATHE because I felt nauseous. But then we went home. It was so my parents could change out of their dark funeral clothes, but I still felt like awful. So I decided to purge it. But not (only) for thin purposes. I really felt sick. Sorta like that one summer I had a tuna salad sandwhich with googobs of mayo and it went bad on my stomach. I remeber trying to get rid of it that night but it was already digested so I had to just suffer food poisoning (basically). Interesting though, I wasn't hungry after trying to throw up and I recall thinking to myself: if I did this I could probably lose weight by getting rid of my appetite. Hmmm, talk about an omen.
Anyway, I purged it and drank a lot of water afterwards (something I used to not do because I didn't want to gain water weight.) And I went on with my day. I wound up having some bread and sorbet later on, more water. I worked out with running and strength training, and I was down in lbs today!!!! Yay!!!
I'm trying to lose more weight today ( of course) so I won't be eating anything else today because it's like 3pm and I had bfast at 9am (340-360cals) and I had some fiber ones poptarts(~700cals or a bit less), so that's my cals for the day. I have to mow my lawn later on (burn cals!) And I'm going to work out too!!! Let's DO IT!
Emry: ya, thanks babe!
Ell: LMAO, diuretics are awesome, seriously. I used to/ still do love them, but I'm trying to be "good" haha
V.: aww thanks! Yep my cals did stay like that!!
Jo: thanks! I'm definetly going to keep trekking!!
Jenny: my love where have you been??? I miss you! Btw, if you have a twitter look me up: scarlet_tbeauty x's and o's babe!
Okay I am off to get skinny!!
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  1. Congrats on getting down! Purging? I thought you were being "good"? ;)
    Haha, well done lovely :) You can do this! x

  2. Congrats on the loss! You're working so hard and it's definitely paying off.


  3. HOOORAY!!! I am so excited for you. Great job. Your hard work is showing. :-D

    I've been on a complacency streak, but you're really an inspiration!

  4. whenever i hear that song, the line 'everything's cool long as I'm getting thinner.' always stands out to me. i love lily allen!
    i'm still here, babes.:)
    keep up with everything you're doing, it seems to be working. you're a true

  5. Yay. Congratz on you loss. Thats great. Chiese food basicly sucks ass calorie wise. It's a wonder chinese people tend to be so thin. Okay well I love you, keep it up. Your so strong. ;)

  6. Ha. Totaly forgot today was guna be the 4rth. Ya nobody in my house realy does much. We might go see the fire works but thats about it. It's my twin cusins b-day but there celabreateing in there home town 60 miles away so we may or may not go. I'm really not worried about other people. I'm just hopeing that I can control myself. Well happy fourth. Much love and good luck. <3's.

  7. Hey... just so ya know, purging isn't very effective. Vomiting only gets rid of about 50% of the calories and laxatives 20% at best. Also, when you purge regularly, your body starts adapting to absorb calories faster. So don't go back down that road, it doesn't even work well!

    P.S. counterintuitive as it seems, the best way to not retain water is to drink lots of water. The first pint will seem not to do much, and you'll feel it sticking, but after a liter or two in the day you'll realize you're peeing way more than you drank and that's when it's working. This is especially important after drinking alcohol or smoking anything because they dehydrate you.