Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(Re)Strict Machine

Hey guys! Soo I've been okay as of late, I think I'm on a bit of a plateau but I'm not worried. I've lost 0.4lbs since sunday, which is okay considering what happened on sunday...
My parents and I wound up going out for pizza. The three of us, an x-large pizza, and a pitcher of lemonade. FUN. I didn't gain anything. Yay!
I've been keeping up with my workouts for the most part: monday I did the entire plan, but yesterday I only did morning and night running, but I did walk around for like an hour at a festival with my dad. Monday my intake was purrrfect. Tuesday I had a lipton green tea (200), a blueberry bagel(270), coffee w/skim milk and sweetener (???), and tabbouleh(330). Oh and craisins(400). So not awful awful.
I feel like I need to get my ass in gear but I have no idea what the hell that means anymore! It just burns me that I can't lose it as fast as I used to! BUT back then I was laxi, diuretic, purging, fasting girl. So I guess technically this is better. Kinda want to laxies and fasting back though...when I got my allowance, I came thisclose to getting some laxies. Seriously. I had gotten to the point where I had ten dollars and NO ONE KNEW. But I didn't, I bought some used cds instead.
I need to relax, I know. It'll come off, if I keep working and pushing right? Also though, aunt flo technically speaking goes away today (though she stopped on saturday or something?) So you know it could be water weight. I've been having to pee a lot today so you never knoooww! I might be really light tomorrow!
Today has been pretty great. I ran this morning, so that's good. I won't get my afternoon run (AGAIN) because I'm out with my dad driving my mom to work. But I'm totally going to run tonight.
Intake so far:
Bfast: banana(100), bolthouse farms green smoothie (140)
Lunch: 2 slices of toast(220), carrot juice(70)
So that is 530cals so far and it's 2:30pm. So if my dad wants to buy me dinner I'm getting tabbouleh again. That'll take me to 860 for the day. That'll make me happy and hopefully I'll lose more weight!!! I'm gonna catch up on blogs soon so look for me in the comment stream!!!!
Lyndee: hahaha that's awesome! We're turning into thin planners!!! Lolol :)
Elora Rose: thanks babe, but you can and you ARE!!!
Becca: LMAO!!! I know I used to hate running too! I had issues w/my ankles and calfs, but I think that was mostly weight related! Ha I convince myself to run because a) I can do it now, and b) it's the only time anyone leaves me alone for five minutes in this house! Hahaha :)
Z.: trust me I hear you LOUD and CLEAR. But just remember, eventually, it HAS to go!!!!! <3
B.: oooh yoga is a GREAT idea!!!! My muscles do tend to tense up from time to time!!! Oh yeah I tried not to weigh myself for a week once and I nearly went into conniptions! I had to take out the batteries just so I could randomly stand on it and "weigh" myself, lol so sad! :)
Ana B: I KNOW! I'm gonna google and see if you gain water weight at the end of the stuff too..PMS, but the p is for post! We can do it!!!!<3
I can lose all of this weight! Let's get ten cheers for optimism!!!!!
Btw the post title comes from Strict Machine by Goldfrapp. That song is awesome. "Switch me on, turn me up..."
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  1. Optimism always helps! Good luck, you can do it!

  2. Stay strong honey, it will go! Hopefully you'll be a lot lighter :) and yes, you are doing it the right way. I'm currently using a diet pill to speed up metabolism, which is also a diuretic. Naughty naughty Ell. But hey, whatever it takes, right? Keep up the running! x

  3. You're food intake seems to be going well. Hope that continues for the rest of the day (:

  4. Sounds like you are doing well this week. Good for you! Yes, if you keep working and pushing, it will come off. Stay strong!

  5. stay strong babes, you will get there soon enough. all my love xxx