Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Born For This

Thank God the metabolism booster days are OVER!!!!! Ok I cut them short but I couldn't take it. I was eating a little toooo normal. My weight was skyrocketing and I was thisclose to going back to mialand. You just don't know what it's like to look in the mirror at the end of the day and you still look bloated while holding your breath so much you think you're gonna die. Anyway, I water fasted yesterday and jogged for 30mins and I went down 3.4lbs :)
I'm hoping I can lose 5-6 lbs every three days. That would be perfect and lovely. I would lose about 12-14 lbs a week which would put me in a great position!!!
Today I ate my alloted food, which came out to about...600cals? It was this salad shaker thing (it had different layers of onion, black beans, corn, jicama, and tomato and came with this honey lime dressing (but totally not a lot and not fattening)) and a bagel (240) and a dessert cup(100). I plan on doing an hour on the elliptical and drinking water! So as Ana B would call it, this is the "zig" day. Tomorrow will be "zag" or about 800cals. So my plan is officially called Zero Zig Zag. And my workouts are Simple Hard Harder. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do an hour on the elliptical AND thirty minutes of jogging AND some strength training. It's not like I don't have the fuel to do it, lol.
Omg I am so bored lately though. I have nothing to do except for my job. I can't hang out with anyone because all of my friends are older and have money. I DON'T (yet). If this job would hurry up and pay me I could hang out with EVERYONE. I have three people who have said that we should hang out and I have totally flaked on them. So so sad. Doesn't matter, they'll forgive me when they see me all skinny and stuff! Well, I'm just telling myself that :D
I'm starting a thinspo scrapbook, which is surprisingly absorbing. One page took me like 15 mins. Haha, I'm so slow! I don't have all that paper lying around so I decided to use an old workbook/study guide I had from one of my old classes that I will NEVER need. The kicker? It's a psychology workbook!!! Hahahahaha. I'm gonna put a pic in here. I'm sure it's up top somewhere! Btw, turn your computer sideways to see it, lol.
I feel pretty good though, I've been watching a ton of movies lately. Mostly ED related. I really liked "a secret between friends". You can see it on youtube.
Okay I am off to workout and watch TV or scrapbook!
Gaunt Future: thanks!!!! Looks like you were right!<3
Z: yeah the metabolism is a crazy thing! I left some suggestions on your blog!<3
Cammie: yeah, the varying the calories seems to work awesome!!! Hopefully my metabolism will keep going strong!<3
Katie: aww babe you don't have to worry about me going anywhere!!! I don't know what happened to Jordan... I checked her blog and it's totally on lock-down, normally that happens because they delete it though? Ian Somerhalder==totally hot in a dangerous way, lol. Xxxooo
Jo: oh, oh, I do take acetyl l-carnitine and lysine and kelp(sometimes)!! Thanks for all the encouragement babe, I appreciate it!!!<3
Ana B: hahaha, yeah I was like: she had a heart attack because she saw a CAR COMING AT HER! Lol. Yeah raw would've helped. If only she'd traded that half cup of rice for a hearty salad for prolly less cals!! :)
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  1. "You just don't know what it's like to look in the mirror at the end of the day and you still look bloated while holding your breath so much you think you're gonna die."

    My life, right there.
    That Zero Zig Zag is so cute! I might end up trying it sometime, if any of my self-control feels like coming back anytime soon. Adore the thinspo, it's looking good!

    Love you. <3

  2. I'm so happy for you!! I hope it all goes as planned :-) You seem to work really hard, you should be proud of yourself!!

    Good luck with the scrapbook! I love making them too, and no worries- I am really really slow too. It's good to have a creative outlet, I'm sure it will help with binges too!

    Stay strong! Love!

  3. Yeah, you're going to feel pretty great when you do get that $$$ and get out and everyone instead of saying, "Hey did you lose weight?" says "Wow you lost so much weight! You look great!"

    I'm starting to get those, "Hey Ana B, you lost some weight!" Really? Did I? ;) hehehe

  4. Teehee, 3.4lbs is the shit. Jordan is back by the way. Go read her blog. She didn't die, she just drove to chicago. Not my story, but she's back. Yay. Thinspo collages always take me forever. I'm pritty sure it's because I have to have it perfect. I have two right next to my bed right now. Beautiful skinny women in an artful collage to be proud of. Scrap books are legit to. Haha you phsyc text book. Well then. And yes Ian Somhalder is a sexy yet dangerous looking man. Yummy. Okay I am spazing out again. Going now. <3's- katie

  5. Hey, you could write a book called Zero Zig Zag and make a bundle! Actually, it seems like a good method; basically, you've got a more extreme version of the Rotation Diet that was popular in the 80s (lol, I am showing my age). That diet called for 600/900/1200 for three weeks, then regular eating for some time period, then back to 600/900/1200. My old college roomie did it and lost 15 lbs. in three weeks. With more restriction and exercise, you are bound to do better than that. Stay strong!