Saturday, June 5, 2010

Race To The Finish

Hey guys!!!!!
So thursday's water fast went ok kinda. I mean I didn't make it but it didn't go horribly. I made it to like 6pm and ate a bag of chips but I purged it. Then later I had grape juice. But yesterday I rocked it!!!! I water fasted all day and I plan on doing it again today.
I weighed in today at 207.6 lbs so I am on my way back down to lower weights!!! Yaaaaaaay!
I don't think much will get in the way today, my dad and I will be stuck in the house until about 5:30pm and then we go with my mom to a gospel concert festival. I mean I'm sure dinner might be lurking in the shadows somewhere, but they won't care if I don't eat.
Hopefully I can get even skinnier!!!
I've been working on the elliptical for an hour everyday for the past three days! I'm going for a record, lol.
I must be thin by any means! If I could just break through this 200 barrier I can keep going and never stop! I know I can do it between now and next monday (not this monday, NEXT monday)!
Jo: oh I totally weigh in the morning because I think I would go CRAZY if I had to weigh at night!
Ariana: oh really??? Thanks for the tip, my broken laptop was a Dell. Technically speaking it was good, just a little fragile! Lol
Violet: I think you're right! It's weird how we burn more cals during that time! Kinda like new mothers and breastfeeding! <3
B.: hey thanks for the encouragement!! It really perked me up and you were right, the weight went away!! :)
Charlie: aww thanks babe! Oh my mom has a mac laptop, but I can't afford one! Lol :P
Elle: that's exactly how I look too!! It feels like I'm being prepped to be in the Macy's thanksgiving day parade. My parents are okay if I don't eat as long as nothing happens to me. So they were okay with me not eating until I got sick three weeks ago and then they were all "you have to eat to fight the infection" but now that everything is back to normal I can go back to not eating! <3
Tiffany: oh that's happened to me before!! It's like the worst nightmare, makes you doubt all those fitness people who say it takes 3500cals to gain a pound!! I will definitely keep up with the plan!!!!! :)
V.: yeah I didn't understand it, but as long as I have water I have the solution!!! Lol
Katie: oh totally!!! I can't do ACV straight, you should see my face!! You would not stop laughing!! Lol. We are totally doing this fast! Omg you're taking french!?! I took two years of french! (Didn't retain much, hahaha). Mon cher ami et soeur de jeûne je t'aime!!!!!<3 <3
Red: heeeeeyyyy you're back!!!!! Thank you for the award!!!! I already did the seven secrets on my "I'd like to thank the academy..." Post, but I appreciate it all the same!!!!!! Xoxoxo! <3
Oooh they're showing "Rent" on TV. I've always wanted to see this movie!!!!! See you guys later!
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  1. Haha, your comment to me is actually kinda funny. My friend told me she feels so fat after eating all junk while reading for exams and how she thought her butt were getting bigger by the minute. Then she said, all serious: I wish I was breastfeeding, then I would burn more calories doing absolutely nothing! ^^
    I had to tell her that in order to breastfeed she would actually have to get pregnant and have the baby first. And that to me sounds like a whole lot of work just to burn some calories.
    I know she knew that, but apparently she didn't think before talking. So much for a "great" idea on how to burn more calories. <3

  2. My fast failed today but I'll be back tomarrow. I promiss. I'm not getting much outa french class eighther. I don't hate the class but the teacher. P.S. Today I met a boy and I really like him and he might like me and I am really sad because the chances are I will never see him again. Isn't that sad. I am so sad. I am so happy at the same time. I am haveing mass emotional/hormonal conflict and will do my best to make it through my fast tomarrow. Great job on your exersize.