Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things That Are Wrong

1) I bad mouthed my friend for nothing. He invited me to the event two hours after I'd checked.
2) I have been the same weight for three days straight.
3)Aunt flo came to town
4) I closely resemble a beached whale.
5) I feel like shit
6) I look like shit
7) I couldn't run today because my balloned stomach felt like it had fucking oompa loompas jumping around in it.
8) My friend's event is on saturday
9) I will look fat as hell on saturday and I will probably chicken out and not go.
10) I have never felt this nauseous, fat, worthless, in pain, or more like crying in my life.
I thank you guys for your sweet comments. I love you guys. Oh look the oopma loompas just kicked, they like you too. Ughhhh, I hope tomorrow will be better. Food is not appealing to me but I'm making myself eat because, well idk why. I guess it's the metabolism thing. But I bought some country time lemonade mix today. And I have money...I could easily do a liquid fast. I just don't have a clue what I want to do right now. I just feel crappy. If I don't liquid fast I'll stay with the 900 cals a day. Whatever. These are the times when I ask God "why?" And mean it. Why God, Why? What did I do wrong? Sorry guys, I promise happiness in the next post (I hope).
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  1. Hey girly sorry aunt flow blows she is so insensitive! And yea I have kinda been feeling down too! Buy hey on the plus side your maintaning which is equally important because after you lose it all you need to maintain. Also it's a good break for your body, time to recover! I love ya girly and I think your beautiful!
    stAy stroNg!
    xoxo lyndee

  2. Aw i hope you feel better tomorrow!!! :(

  3. I had the exact same jumping around feeling in my stomach! i think its from not eating and drinking to much water than when you run it swishes around, may sound completely stupid haha but its just a guess :)
    I hope you feel better it will work out! and eventually there will be an event that you'll look AMAAZZZINNGG at! so DONT GIVE UP!
    XoXo Soph XoXo

  4. Hey there, look on the bright side:

    1) now you know your friend isn't a jerk
    2) weight you lose slower is weight you're less likely to gain back
    3) water retention now will make it that much happier when you get moving again later

    Don't skip the party just because you feel fat! You've made lots of progress, focus on that and be confident. Your standard of fatness may drop with your weight but everyone else's doesn't. Also, there are three days for you to start feeling better.

    I feel ya with the wanting to run but having funky stuff in your belly that stops you. Try doing some yoga. It'll be relatively gentle, might help you feel better physically, and will at least make you feel like you're doing something good.

  5. Hope you are having a better day! And being stuck at the same weight is sooo annoying, happened to me over the weekend, but it's better than gaining.

  6. I know it's hard, but try not to let yourself get discouraged. Little setbacks and annoyances are just random white noise buzzing against the backdrop of your greater goal. Keep your eyes on the prize, because you are absolutely 100% damn well worth it.

  7. ewww. i hate periods. but to not have one would worry me- i'm not skinny enough for it to stop because of too low body fat-- with my luck I would be pregnant!

  8. Feel better :(

    And if you've been the same weight for three days AND you've had a visit from Aunt Flo... doesn't that mean you lost weight? I mean, I always gain weight on my period, so if you're still the same, maybe you've actually lost some if you're retaining water.


  9. Aww scarlet. I'm so sorry. Well at leaste your not me stuffing a couple choclate chips in the gob at 7:00 AM when I'm supossed to be fasting there for haveing to spit them into my very guilty hand behind my mothers back. Yucky. Duno why but first thing when I came in from steer chores I went to the frindge not having thought about my fast yet I poped in two choco chips and then walking down the hall with them still intact and me not swalowing I relized I needed to not fuck up at this/that time in the morning. <3's. Love you mucho.

  10. hey hun, being stuck in the same weight is actually something to be happy about. atleast you're not gaining :)
    and please don't feel like shit.because you're not shit.i read your posts when i need to feel happy, and you always manage to put a smile on my face! i hate it when you post a sad post. it makes me sad too, i know thats pathetic but you are actually like my best friend on here and we understand each other so much. when i'm down you pull me back up, and i wish i could be there to just give you the biggest bear hug!
    since i'm not there, i will hug you in my mind.......(huggggg)......... there did you like my hug? :)xxxxx
    be happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! <3

  11. oh yeah and i do understand what you're going through, sometimes i cry asking God, why..? why is it that i go through this yet others get it so easy?
    so right now i'm on the daniels fast. i convinced myself that if i diet according to the bible then maybe God will help me, instead of starving and ruining my body. :)
    its actually really easy to do, its basically vegan.i'm on like week 2 and i feel so good.
    whatever you decide to do, i hope you're happy in scarlet. :) all my love xxxxx