Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Is Love Without Lust?

Hey guys!
Sorry for the non-postiness. I was trying to keep myself on track, ya know? The past three days have been interesting...I have to remind myself to eat, I have to remind myself that I am to eat healthy food, I have to remind myself to exercise because I reeeaaallly don't want to, and I have to remind myself not to freak out. That is a lot of remembering. I have been eating okay, bfast is normally non-existant. It's been pretty much coffee. Then lunch is a vegan salad (chik'n) and dinner, weell it normally winds up weird. It's never real food. It's like a luna bar and coffee, or a slice of cake with coffee (bangs head against wall). And then that's it. I'm trying to workout, been doing some strength training, but seriously slacking on cardio. Then today I just feel like I need to sleep all day. I have been partying since wednesday nite because the Blackhawks won the stanley cup!!! I went out wednesday nite with the rents and drove around downtown, blowing horns and cheering with all of the people that were out. They run up to your car and give you high fives and fist bumps!!! Also people from other cars drive up along side you and do the same thing!! It was funny some guys in this car were totally not blowing and cheering but then they looked over and saw me in my car in all of my blackhawks gear and they started cheering and two of them gave me a fist bump! They were reaally quite cute too!!! Then I went to the parade rally yesterday, walked about four miles and stood up there screaming my lungs out with 2 million other fans. Now I feel like I have a hangover even though I don't drink! Btw the team is going to be on jay leno next week so check em out! Our team has some cute cool young guys, like my beloved mullet man, patrick kane. I hate mullets but he looks cute with his, lol. Also dustin byfuglien (buff-glee-N) is adorable but he's not gonna be on jay leno, sooo, google him or something!
I did gain a bit from food (expected) but I three or four pounds the first day, and now it's leveled at about three and that's been constant for the past two days. I know my metabolism is roaring back because everything is, ahem, moving smoothly. Though I'm eager to switch to my new plan; I have to keep this up til wednesday. I have to make sure my metabolism is convinced that I have been eating food. That way when I STOP it'll keep burning strong. For a while anyway. So that's been my life! Hmmm it doesn't seem so exciting all written out, lol.
Lyndee: *hugs*!!!!!! Hcg diet eh? Okay I'll look for that post, 50 lbs in thirty days would be a DREAM! <3
Lilith: wow thanks so much babe, that's really inspiring to me!! You're not far from my goal weight!!!!<3
Ana Banana: walking thinspo banner? Yes please!!! Lol, yep we're totally gonna do this together!!!<3
Jo: noooo, I don't do diet pills. I can't afford them and also they always have some crazy side effect. My grandma used to take phen-phen, but then she got parkinson's disease. So I'm really wary of pills like that now! <3
B.: haha me too!!!! Just as soon as I get to wednesday down the scale shall go!!!!<3
Jenny: awwww!!!!!*tears* that's so sweet, lol. Carrots are awesome, but so are karats my shining diamond!!!!!! :))) <3
Gracile: aw thanks, yeah being happy is an awesome feeling, I like to keep it around!!!!!!<3
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  1. good luck with boosting the metabolism :)
    you'll definitely start to lose!!


  2. So you have trouble with your metabolism too? I have so sooooo much trouble with mine. Like if I starve for more than a couple days it comes to a screeching halt. Its soooo frustrating :( Any suggestions?

  3. Ugh.. metabolism halts freak me out to no end. There's always the traditional "eat something spicy, work out, eat a good breakfast, vary you caloric intake." Try any of these, you're already doing the working out, so good for you!
    Personally, they haven't exactly worked for me. But hey, that's just me, and everyone's different. Give 'em a shot, they have to be the "traditional" remedies for a reason, right?

  4. Oh scarlet, you are such a silly girl. I don't really have a sports team I'm in love with but if ian somehalder was going to be on jay leno I would definatly tune in. Picture of his gourgusness:
    Missed you while you were gone. Been a little sad because jordan is gone, and her 1:10AM blog is like on lock down and I'm sad because you and her and a few other girls are pritty important to me so I'm a little shoked and blah blah blah... Do you know where she went? I don't know what I'll do if you disapear to. Sounds like your doing pritty good though even though your rebooting your metabolism. You work so hard and Im proud of you. <3's. Thanks for the comment on my blog. love you forever.

  5. I really hope you get a breakthrough this week. I know you've been working hard. FWIW, my weight usually takes about two weeks to start shifting up or down depending on what I've been doing.

    I'm totally a supplements girl, so of course my mind instantly goes there. Hmmmm, maybe calcium? chromium? chitosan?

  6. Saw your post about A Secret Between Friends. That movie is pretty good thinspo. lol It made me giggle when I saw it the first time. How everyone was all upset about the dead girl and blamed it on everything except the fact that she was drunk ALL DAY. lol Poor kids just needed a raw diet and they could have been that skinny AND nourished. Silly skinnies... :)