Monday, June 21, 2010


"Nothing's easy, that takes the price down"
--- "Seven" by Chew Lips
I love that song. I've had it on repeat for the past three days.
Soo I got my phone fixed (obvious). It seems that the trackball issues are common, so now anytime it screws up I can go to my local t-mobile I can go and get a new assembly for FREE! Yay!!!
Anyway, the week has been quite dramatic. I went 1.5 days on my fast before I was climbing the walls like spidergirl. It was epically brutal. Sorta like when I started way back when. But now my body is apparently smart. I lost like three pounds on the fast but the next day I gained back like 2.4 of them. So basically I gained back the water at blazing speed. Gee, thanks. After that my week clicked over into party mode for father's day weekend. I've been dreading it because of all the food everywhere and I thought I was going to gain a TON of weight, but surprise, surprise. I maintained a loss of one pound for the week. I know that sounds ike whaaat??? And you're happy?!? But you don't understand: I ate like absolutely HORRIBLE these past few days. Definitely 1500cals. My dad took us to bakeries and restaurants and shit. And I never gained even a pound a day. THAT DOESN'T NORMALLY HAPPEN. If I did that a couple a weeks ago I wouldve gained two pounds a day lickety-split!
So I have a new plan. Because we love plans here don't we? Okay since my metabolism is working when I'm eating, I'll have around 900-1000 cals on weekdays, BUT I must exercise or it won't work (okay it might but I don't want to risk it). And around 1200 on weekends, also with exercise.
I'm also trying not to eat stuff that doesn't have a label. You know with the exception of fruits and veggies. Because things that don't have labels can be hell on wheels for calorie counting. Estimates are ok, but nothing's better that cold hard numbers on the nutritional facts.
So far I've done well today:
Bfast: banana(100), 1 tbsp of peanut butter (100), 2 cups of carrot juice (100)
Lunch: 1 cup of red beans (180), half a tomato (15), and a slice of whole grain bread (110)
So that's 605 so far. My dinner is going to be half of a naan pizza (260). So the day's total will be 865. Sweeeeet. I have yet to workout but I will. I'll probably do 35 mins of running with some strength training (calistenics and resistance bands). Then we'll see what happens. I feel pretty good though. I missed you guys a lot even though I was reading your blogs I still had so many thoughts in my head that I wish I could've blogged about.
My friend is having a yard sale of his uncle's stuff to help pay for some of his uncle's medical bills. I would love to go, there's an event on facebook and everything. Only, I WASN'T INVITED. Gee, one of the first people I was friends with in college and he can't invite me?!? Meh. Whatever. I'm semi-sick of my friends anyway. My other friend is transferring to my school and you know how I found out: because he changed his info page on his facebook to include my school. I encouraged him to apply, told him they'd surely accept him, and he didn't fucking tell me! Some friend. Just wait until he sees me next semester, I'm going to look so good it'll stop his heart. Ahole. The last time he saw me I was 270lbs (or higher!). It was the fall of 2008 and I only found out I weighed 270 in like may of 2009. And I was(and still am) on a weightloss kick so I may have been heavier when he saw me.
Anyway...that's been my life in my absence.
Comments (yay I can finally answer them!!)!
B.: haha I know but me + touch screens= DISASTER!!! I've popped so many LCDs on electronics while NOT touching them. I can't imagine what I'd do to one I was stabbing my fingers at all the time!
Annika Q: thank you for the compliments on my pictures from way back!
Pixie Dust: haha thanks for asking! Please refer to above!! :)
Katie: I think boarding school would be kinda cool, idk I always get visions of gossip girl like situations in places like that, lol. Make sure it's co-ed!!!!! <3
Christi: aww thanks babe!!! It took me like, a little over a year? I was 270 last may. We're a lot alike! What's your GW???
Okay guys I am off to find my scissors (I totally lost them. I am an airhead sometimes) and then work on some more thinspo scrapbooking. Then around Brian Williams time (I mean, 5:30p. I just LOVE brian williams. When they switched to digital TV and I couldn't see him for a few weeks I swear I had withdrawl symptoms), I will cook/eat my dinner. Then after primetime (around 9p) I'll go workout. See ya skinni minis!! It feels awesome to be back!!!!
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  1. sounds like an awesome plan, good luck on that! you can totally get to your goal weight ASAP with that mentality :)

  2. I'm so glad you got your phone fixed!! Yay!! :-)

    And I'm so proud of you for having a plan and sticking to it. It's so great that you've learned when you metabolism kicks in. And it's great you LOST weight instead of gaining it!!

    One tip for working out that I use- I go to the gym BEFORE I eat because it boosts my metabolism. Also, eating dinners after I work out consisting of vegetables is great because they digest fast and I feel empty, but not hungry. Maybe that could work for you too!

    Stay strong and beautiful! :-)

  3. Your back freaking yea!!! So excited I just put you in my post oh and yesterday I explained wat you were wanting to know about the hcg diet... I missed you and yay for fixed track balls!!!
    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo lyndee

  4. Wow thats great! I started getting really serious about this May 6th. I have gained and lost before basically because I was lazy and didn't stick to it. Now that I have found a few pro ana and thinspiration websites its really helped me alot. It may sound kind of sick, but I love feeling empty and hungry. I feel so strong and in control that it is addicting. I have done quiet a bit of food fasts for a little over 48 hours with mostly just water and a little V8 juice. Since may I went from 275 to 225 lighter than I was in high school. Now I just really need to start working out hard. I got bucked off a horse two weeks ago that I was training and messed up my hip pretty good hopefully it will be normal again soon. I really really hope you hit all your goals! I know I can't wait to be under the 200 lb mark!!! You rock!

  5. Oh, and my goal weight is 147. Well my first goal weight. Thats what my 'doc' said would be the lightest healthy weight I could hit at my height 5'9". But I'm sure I'll be lower. I don't want to be extremely thin with ribs and a ton of bone or anything, but I want hip bones a lean stomach and small toned arms and legs.

  6. Fathers day was a fucking food fest yest some how I managed to not gain. Yay. I have been restricting so, yay. Sorry your friends are being bumb faces. Yes I am worried boarding school will be like gossip girl or snobby, I don't watch that show, lame me. But it's for real, like I could pusue my figure skateing dreams there, besides if you don't want drama you can avoid it.
    P.S. when he see's you he is guna be like jaw dropping amazed at how hot your guna look. Put it on an events you have gotta look hot for list. I have become obbsessed with them.

  7. Someone above mentioned working out before you eat; I'll second that. I was just reading another blog (from a trainer with under 6% body fat...he's like all skin and muscle!), and he was writing about how working out in a "fasted" state helps your body mobilize the type of fat that is usually really stubborn.

    Your calorie plan sounds good. I think having a higher-calorie day in the mix is good; for me, it makes the lower-calorie days less actually makes the higher-calorie day less stressful because I know I'm going back to being "good" in 24 hours...if any of that makes sense.

    Stay strong! You've done really well! Your weight loss so far is something to be proud of!