Sunday, June 27, 2010

Don't Give Up Five Minutes Before The Miracle

OMG, I witnessed a miracle today and how fitting since it's sunday! But first let me tell you how the past days have gone. The day after my depresso (the newest emo kid edition at starbucks) post I woke up with my weight higher by 0.6lbs. But my stomach felt fine so that was a good thing. I attempted a liquid fast and at the last minute (okay 5p) I said forget it and ate some food. And I worked out for 45mins. Then the next day (friday) I was down 3lbs!!! I ate okay, a little weakend (I mean weekend) food in there. Saturday I was up 0.4lbs. But I was like okay, that's alright I can eat healthy and everything will be okay. But saturday was death. I was okay. I had pb and J earlier and some other shit but still, okay. That is, until we went to this thai restaurant and I had oriental veggies over rice with brown sauce and I ate the whole damn big bowl. Then I encored with a slice of chocolate cake and a container of candy. Then I had a big ass bowl of watermelon!! Stratospherically high cals!!!!! I ran for an HOUR and I weighed myself (I do this every night, the threshold for no gain is about 2.5 lbs up) and AFTER RUNNING I was 5.2 lbs up. ShitshitshitshitshitSHIT!!!! I went to bed sad, thinking I was going to be sosososo fat today. I weighed this morning and I was pleasantly shocked because I didn't gain the estimated 2.7lbs, I only gained NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH!!!! OMG!!! I was like what the hell?!? But I'm so fucking happy!! My metabolism is alive!!
So due to this new exciting totally awesome news, I am launching into part deux of ze plan. I'm sticking with the 900cals a day, though probably closer to a bit less than 805cals. I have two toasts with mango butter jam (there's no butter in it actually) for a bfast total of 205cals. Lunch will be less than 300cals and same for dinner. I got all inspired by Katie's (skinnybusiness) planning of her day by hours and stuff so now I'm doing that too!!!
8:15am wake up
8:30-9:00am running
9:30-9:45am feed my dog and myself
10a-12:30p work
1:30-2p lunch
2:30-3p running
6-6:30p dinner
9-9:45p running + light weights
1am sleep
Oh I bet you noticed what part deux of ze plan is didn't you? Yep I run three times a day during the weekdays. I'm gonna count cals like a fanatic and try to lose 1 lbs a day. I don't think that's too much to ask. I NEED to be at least 40lbs lighter before school starts in late august. Hopefully I can get more than that. The weekend plans are just to stay as close to 1100-1200cals as possible. In restaurants get a salad. In stores always read cals info (duh).
No eating past 7pm. Ever. That way I can burn it all up!!
So even though I don't know what I'm gonna weigh tomorrow, most likely less than today because I have to go do laundry and I don't think too much food is in the cards and I've only had my toast so far, but I'm gonna declare the total loss this week as 2 lbs. Yay!
Let's see how low I can go!
Lyndee: aww thanks sweetie!!!! It's true maintaining is super important and it's a zillion times better than gaining! <3
Gaunt Future: thanks babe! :)
Sophia: haha I've had that feeling before! I remember I drank water and I sat there for like 3 minutes listening to it swish! Lol :)
Annika: yeah it did make me happy that he wasn't a big jerk! I did wind up skipping the event (it was a yard sale, lol) but not because I felt fat, I just had a ton of stuff to do! And hey the water did go away!!! :)
Emry: you're so totally right!!!!! Maintaining over weekends is especially important! :)
Jo: omgosh I adored your comment!!!!!! Thank you so much it made me feel a zillion times better!!! <3
Becca: hey you!!!!! It's nice to see you back again! Yeah I'd be worried if it didn't pop up too, but more that something is wrong with rather than preggers cause I still carry a V card, lol. :)
B.: hahahaha you were totally right!!! It's amazing because normally the water takes forever to come off but not anymore!!! Yay!! :)
Katie: random question, but what in the hell are choco chips??? Are they cookies? Anyway, I'm ALWAYS doing that! It's like you're bored and your body goes on autopilot. There's a container of mixed nuts in my kitchen and I am always mental slapping myself to keep from eating them randomly!xxxoo<3
Jenny: omg HUGS!!!!!!! I feel so special!!!!!! I know I was so down in the dumps! But we are eerily alike, seriously. You are british me and I am american you lol. Daniel fast eh? Yeah I think I'm doing better now that I'm not jumping around all the time with fasting/binging/purging. My body likes me again, lol. Xxxxxoooooooo<3
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  1. hey your back yea!!! and girly thats so funny we just did the exact same thing on our blogs with like trying to schedule our lives!!! nice schedule!!! we are so on the same page! That makes me happy to hear your doing better! ANd wow your metabolism must be working in over drive! way to go girl!!! I love you lots!
    stAy stroNg! thiN(k) thiN!
    xoxo lyndee

  2. WOW you are inspiring! :D I wish I were that strong!!!

  3. I cant even believe you run. I am completely impressed by people who run because I just plain cant do it! I dont know how to do it, I dont like to do it, and when I do it I complain the entire time. ugh.

  4. You are amazing! I wish I had your stamina! At this point I still run, but I have lost the steam to starve because the scale doesn't budge even when I feel like my stomach is eating itself :(

  5. Hooray for miracles! The same thing happened to me. After my recital, I let myself eat whatever and not count calories for two days and I haven't gained a thing... (Two days=long enough for slight reward, but not too long to drive me bat shit.) Of course, now I'm back to counting.

    And I'd strong recommend for you to try yoga! The classes are amazing if you find a good one or a video is good too. They say "yoga is a journey" so there isn't a way to do it the wrong way. I just think with all that running, you might like some relaxing mind and body stretching! It helps with stress management and digestion too.

    Anyways! Good luck on your new plan, you're an inspiration. :-)

  6. Oh no! Scarlet love I relate to the sudden bloat! :( What the hell? I'm also up a couple pounds. I haven't binged or done anything bad, but here I am not only not losing, but heavier! Makes me sooooo sad. Going to step up my exercise.