Thursday, June 3, 2010


So I did my liquid fast on tuesday. To my surprise I gained 1.4 lbs. I was like WTF?!? So I did an experiment. I kept my liquids fairly low and ate some food. Just 450 cals plus veggies. I gained 0.4 lbs. Hmmm, much less weight gained when I eat food but don't drink much??? I think PMS is kicking in. I'm horrible at predicting these times, even though they happen like clockwork. I'm always surprised! So I figure if this is all water weight then I can just keep working to lose the weight and wind up crazy skinny by the time everything goes back to normal. So today I'm doing a water fast with Katie (skinnybusiness) and I've already dodged my first bullet of the day. Upon waking me up, my mom immediately wanted me to drink carrot juice and a green smoothie. Both of which met their end down the kitchen sink when she wasn't looking. Oh well. I'm going to spike my water with apple cider vinegar because it suppresses appetite and boosts metabolism AND reduces water retention. Very interesting stuff.
Also I'm going to do an hour on my elliptical everyday. I mean the aerobic videos were okay, but I get bored quickly!!! But nothing flies by like an elliptical workout because all I do is pay attention to my music and sing along like a nerd! It's actually fun and by the time I look at the display thirty minutes have disappeared.
I don't know what the plan is for tomorrow, but I'm not going to stop weighing myself. One because I'm attached to my scale, and two because if I can get it to go down through this I can get it crazy low. IhavetoIhavetoIhaveto. I wish life would stop throwing me curveballs though. This is highly irritating. It's pure sabotage!!!!! But screw you hormones. Screw you.
I might keep water fasting...I don't have anything to do tomorrow!
Lisa: Thanks babe!!!!!!!<3
Jenny (FFF): hey thanks!!! Oh yeah my mom isn't pleasant when she upset either, lol. Thank God I do all the cooking in the house. Maybe you can convince her of the benefits of detoxing!! Oh okay, I'm gonna look into Toshiba!
Lilith: LOL, my Dell was the one that broke!!!! I have bad luck with electronics though! Years ago our desktop died after I used it, our second desktop got a virus, I've been through four MP3 players, and two phones!!
Katie: lol it does sound like you and R!!!! Five pounds?!? I think I would faint if my weight went up five pounds over the course of the day!!!!!!<3
V.: oh thanks for the tip!!! Yeah, it's great to have old friends back!!!!
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  1. Weight does tend to go up and down throughout the day. Do you weigh yourself first thing in the morning? I'd think that would be the most accurate. Otherwise...hmmm...maybe sodium intake? I know I puff up like the Michelin Man if I have a lot of sodium.

    Keep the faith and eyes on the prize and all that good stuff!

  2. The PMS maybe? It can seriously mess up your weight, at least it is only temporary ^^ The week before you have your period, even though you might feel bloated, is the time of the month you burn the most calories!

  3. Omg girl, I know what you're talking about. I bloated up TWO FUCKING POUNDS yesterday. It was gone today. I bet it's more water weight for you. I drank a liter so far today and weight two pounds less than yesterday. You'll just be really happy when it goes away in a week or less :) Stay strong Mama, this too shall pass!

  4. My body does stuff like that too, it's so fucked up. I meant to comment on your last post, if you're looking into laptops, I'd say Mac, because I lovelovelove my MacBook. But that's just because I'm a Mac person. :]
    Stay wonderful! <3

  5. Yeah, when I'm about to get my period I look crazy puffy and gross :( Buttt you are great. Honestly if I don't eat for like a day my body decides to be a bitch and MAKE me eat. How do you keep your parents from noticing you not eating?
    Keep dreaming thin!! <333

  6. Ahh pms is the worst. My symptoms started about 2 weeks ago and at first i just surrendered to the monsterous appetite and ate everything in sight plus more while on vacation. Got back home to my scale and discovered i gained 12lbs in 3 days. That killed me so i just ate right from then til now plus i knew it was mostly water weight. Happy to say i lost 5lbs in 2 days from just eating right again and i'm almost back to my leaving weight. If you do keep your eating in check during the time of the month i'm like convinced you'll lose TONS of weight. Its hard but keep it up girl.

  7. That's sort of strange about the gain with liquids... But nice job with dodging the first bullet (: Good luck if you continue doing the water fast tomorrow.

  8. Oh my gosh scarlet we are fasting twins. I was haveing apple cider vinegar to. Mine was of course being snacked upon one finger dip at a time, not in my water, but still OMFG. Also moms shoveing food in our faces first thing in the morning. Bad moms. No, do not do that, il es tres mal et ne pas bien. J'adore pas. That means its bad and I don't like it. One more week of school for me. Stay strong. Fasting sisters. P.S. water weight can be decreased by drinking more water and haveing less sodium, found in diet soda btw, and possibly viegar. Duno, I'll look into that one.

  9. Have you tried Jazzercise?! It's the shit. You're too busy trying to figure out what to do next to be miserable that you're working so hard! It's great!

    But do whatever works for you- do what you enjoy. Because if you enjoy it you'll do it more, which equates to more calories burned!

    I'm giving you the beautiful blogger award because you inspire me so!

    Tell us 7 juicy secrets!