Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMG June 1!

Hello, hello!
I hope you guys had a good memorial day weekend!!! Mine went pretty well. I mean I ate too much, purged a lot, took laxi tea, and exercised myself a ton. So, total damage is... 0.8 lbs. Booyah! Less than a pound up over the course of three days!!! So 208 for june 1.
So today I am liquid fasting. Gotta get back into the swing of things!!! I have to admit though, I feel good coming off that weekend. It's strange I am currently nonplussed by food at the moment. In fact I just made my parents lunch. Veggie burgers and french fries! Nothing crossed my lips, I didn't even lick my fingers. I drank a bottle of water so I'm happy. I'm also going to do my workout routine later on too!!! :)
On the real life front, well, quite a lot has happened! Firstly, my laptop is broken. The LCD popped (you know where you get the black because the liquid escaped behind the screen) so I have it as a desktop, connected to a monitor. But I just got my internship grant, which gives me a cool $1000. Which also means a new laptop!! I'm thinking about an HP, but I'll take suggestions!
Also on friday I had an actual conversation with my brother. I mean a real one where there were no awkward pauses. It was almost like we were never estranged!!! Yay! I love my brother but I can't help waiting for the other shoe to drop...we shall see.
Yesterday I got back in contact with my childhood best friend, CG. The last time we talked well, I was a bit pissed at him for basically ditching me for that anorexic bitch Amber. She was skiiiiinnnnyyy, anemic, and hardly ate anything. She wasn't all that pretty but pretty enough to steal my bff. It's weird too because that was four years ago and I didn't understand it. We were all friends and CG and I used to joke that I was Lizzie, he was Gordo, and Amber was Miranda. You know like lizzie McGuire, lol. But miranda hooking up with gordo went completely off script in my book!! I used to have the biggest crush on CG. The first was back in second grade. I remember once the phone rang, my brother answered it and told me it was my other bff raven. I immediately got on the phone and spilled my guts that I liked CG. like liked. I heard a giggle on the other end that sounded like mickey mouse. I was all "CG is that you?" Even though I already knew the answer. "Yeah" *giggles* I got off the phone and started hitting my brother. It's my most mortifying and vivid memory. Then I crushed on CG again four years ago. There isn't going to be any crushes now because he's not that cute anymore lol.
That's pretty much my life right now, pretty semi-dramatic huh? Lol.
Ariana: thank you!!!!!<3
V.: thanks and I'll be sure to! Lol <3
Skinny mini: it really does!!! It's an amazing feeling that can happen again and again!!! Yay!<3
B.: aw thanks babe! You will totally break 160 soon!!!<3
Jenny: LMAO!!!! Yeah it's an awesome song! Speaking of eminem, have you heard his new song "not afraid"??? That's an ah-mazing song!!!<3
Ana Banana: oooh I don't think the earth could take it!!!! All the guys will fall at our feet and pots will whistle as we go by! And everyday will be instant summer!!! Lol <3
Jo: yeah purging doesn't help with calorie expulsion, but it does get rid of food weight ridiculously well! I mean I only use it when I go overboard, most of the time I really don't eat that much!!! I will definitely keep up the workouts!!!<3
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  1. 0.8lbs in 3 days is not bad at all! You are doing great :D And I am sure with the water fast the weight will come off in no time :D
    xx Lisa

  2. To answer your previous question: You can call me Jenny. ;D

    .8lbs is good, keep up the good work.
    I told myself I was doing a liquid fast this week, but it's just SO hard when my mom makes food all the time. She gets mad when she makes some for me and I don't eat, and I don't like her when she's mad, haha.

    Also, Toshiba is a good laptop brand. I have one and I love it.

  3. My computer lady says Dell is the best computer you can get, but HP is good too. Personally, I think they're all alike. They make them cheap so they break and you have to get a new one. (You can tell I've had bad luck with computers)

  4. Haha, your thing with cg sound like my thing with r were I once had an anorexic best friend who stole him and I crushed on him for a little bit longer but got over it. Haha, well you are amazing and .8lbs is fine. Normal peoples body weights move in aa range of 5lbs a day. 5lbs a fucking day. Grrr...

  5. Sucks about the laptop, but awesome about the grant. HP is pretty good as far as laptops go. My partner has one, it's amazing. And wow, glad you got back in contact with CG.

  6. I have an HP and it is a complete piece of shit. I've had tons of problems since literally day 1. I've had it for a year and already have to get a new one before school starts. I'd say if you've got the money go for a Dell. I only have one as a desktop but it's ten years old and still works great.