Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh Yeeeaaahh! *kool aid voice*

Yes yes yes I am finally lower than 209!!!! I am 207.2 lbs and am sooooo happy!!!!! I did the water fast on friday (okay I did have a cup of coffee) and yesterday I had a little food.
Well, I shouldn't say that. I kinda had a large amount of food. I had a vegan wrap and two slices of apple pie (not big ones though). An hour later I purged enough of it to satisfy me. I have to stop doing that. I know sometimes I have to eat but everytime I think I do it wrong and I have to get it out. I'm like an abused spouse. Abused by my scale. I'm always worried about getting it right.
Anyway, I'm waiting to go to the party. My dad threw his back out so he can't go, but he wants my mom and I to go. But whatever. I'll be back to my two hour workout regimine tonight (I took off yesterday). Tomorrow is memorial day which means french fries, pie, and veggie sandwiches. I'll probably purge it but oh well.
Violet: aww thanks babe!!!! You were totally right!!!!!!!!<3
WannaBskinny: I should probably start taking some omega 3's or something because I am totally lacking there!!! Thanks for the tips babe!<3
Ariadne: I've noticed that too!!! But I am absolutely determined to break the mold!<3
Lilith: omg I so wish I had diet pills to take!!! I'd have to wait until I get a lot of money (I have this research job over the summer that I'll get paid for but everything is kinda confused right now) so my parents can't keep track. I mean they don't police my money or anything but it's like wait you only have how much? What'd you spend all that money on? Lol :)
Vst_h: oh totally!!! I just keep reminding myself: pain is fatness leaving the's my mantra lol. :)
Jen: awww you're such a sweetie. Your comment made my face light up like a christmas tree!!! It's funny how we get into this mindset that we are supposed to lose wieght everyday! In fitness magazines people get discouraged if they don't lose anything in two weeks! We have totally been through ups and downs together but we will both make it to the end and be super gorgeous and perfect. Like Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn!<3 <3
B.: thanks, the slack thing seemed to do the trick!!!!! Apparently my body was all "yeah this is not happening like this" lol. :)
EDIT: party has been offed!!! Yayayayay!!!! My mom said she has to take care of my dad. I mean I still probably won't get out of eating, but at least it's not a "surprise inside" situation. I can pick what I eat and semi bonus: if I screw it up I can purge it. But I don't plan on screwing anything up!!!!! <3<3
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  1. OMG YAY!!!!!!!! Single digits! So thinspirational!!!

  2. Congrats on the loss hun! Keep up the good work!

  3. 3oh3 fucking RULE!
    and you're love is my drug. my first kiss went a little like this 'smooch and twist'
    but 'don't call my name, alejandro!' - know that one by lady gaga?
    well ofcous you do, you're american. everything gets released there first :(

    you are such a funny person. i mean i love exercising, but the thought of taking a jugsaw puzzle down piece by piece sounds..well very tiring.

    keep up the good work, and 207 is fucking amazing. me=HAPPY for ya.
    loves ya xxxxxxxx

  4. i love when you break past a weight uve stayed at for ages..i finally broke i broke 155 and soon 150! makes you all warm inside!

  5. congrats!! I'm so happy for you :) I can't wait to break 160

  6. B.O.B HAS A NEW SONG?!?
    *runs to youtube*
    omg, bare unfairness :(
    see america does get the best stuff.
    and yeah we get stuff like leona, muse and lilly alen first

    but i think you guys still have it better!

    boo! :(

    omg, i'm liking the song. its soo buff!
    <3 <3 <3 XXXX

  7. Grats on the lbs. lost girlie! Scarlet is getting sexier and sexier! :) I'm so happy for you! We're all getting there together! Can you imagine what a hot group after-picture we'd all make together when we get to our final goal weights? Goddamn we're gonna turn up the heat so high, we'll hit a whole new level of global warming! lol

  8. Congrats on getting to 207!

    Gotta say tho maybe don't rely on the purging so much. I only say that because I'm not sure it really works in terms of calorie restriction. Better to either exercise it off (tho I know you do a lot of that as it is) or just never put it in your mouth (lol I know from personal experience easier said than done sometimes!).