Friday, May 7, 2010

Your Love Is My Drug

Hey guys!!
Oh man it feels soooo good to be back! Finals are over and I am hoping for all A's!
The end of my semester was much like the end of ugly betty...kinda lowkey for all the drama that went on this semester! The last person I talked to on campus was SC...let's see what happens next semester with that one!
Food wise... God I need you guys like oxygen. You keep me from doing horrible things to myself! With the exception of yesterday (because I refused to do it) I purged EVERY SINGLE DAY from sunday through wednesday. It was so sad. They weren't even binges it was just I was super stressed and I felt too full and suddenly it was up and out. I was thinking about my exams...looking good to give everyone a great last impression...fitting into those pants...being good while on my blog vacay. Meh, but I tell you what, something amazing is brewing up my dears!
My summer long liquid fast starts monday, kicking off with a three day water fast. You know to purify and cleanse and make me appreciate being able to have liquids with taste! Lol.
The Rules:
For water fast: lemon water, sparkling, and regular water are acceptable.
For liquid: real liquids only. No smoothies, or anything with a solid component. Aim for bfast, lunch, dinner, and two "snacks" format. This way I won't be drinking juices or whatever when I'm thirsty instead of only for meals. I'm aiming for 500cals a day, which means drinking mostly veggie juices, and diluting fruit juices. The max is 800cals. And I have to exercise EVERYDAY in some form. At least thirty minutes. I can elliptical, jog, strength train, or breakdance (woo!). I mean, I guess walking counts too but I'll call that extra credit.
I was going to start the whole kidankaboodle today, and have the water fast over by monday morning and glide into my liquid fast, but my dad said it would be effed up to do that this weekend with mother's day and all. So I guess I have to eat this weekend. But I make a pledge that I will not binge and I won't purge anything that I eat this weekend. Because if I can't get rid of it during a may to august liquid fast I'll have to be dead. Also, the only breaks in the fast will be father's day (maybe, this is not a guarantee)...I don't think I have anything else where I'd have to eat food...except that bbq my friend is planning. But I don't eat meat anyway and he's taking forever to plan it so I might just blink on it all together! I know what you're thinking, what are your motivations scarlet? How will you make it through approx. 90 DAYS!?!
Well, my bro and his wife are coming in around late june. I hate his wife and I want to look a zillion times better than the last time she saw me. Um, C (aka guy from orgo)is coming back from ireland for the fall semester, so yeah major changes must be made. Also SC is not dropping off the map because I'm not in physics with him! Chances are I'm going to see him (read say let's meet up!) Next semester so again, must look totally hot. Also, if I don't lose all the weight this summer when I have basically nothing to do, I might actually see my eighteenth birthday still fat. That absolutely cannot happen at all!!!!!!! Must push on!!!!
WannaBskinny: I drink carrot juice that my mom juices for me. She also juices cucumber and celery. So all that is fresh, but fruit juices are normally store bought. As for how much I get back from the stuff I depends. Cucumbers give TONS of juice and so does celery. Carrots are pretty good too, just get the big juicing carrots (they're huge!) And you'll be fine. Do you have a juicer? Also about adding you on MSN, do you mean like an email circle? You can always hit me up
I check my email a million times a day so if you email me you are highly likely to get an email back in record time! Lol :)
Ana Banana: ooh deff race you to size 12! Starting now!
Eva: so the monday post mother's day? Or the monday after that? Either way it'll be so exciting to do it together! :)
Ariadne, heather B, ariana, charlie, lyndee (omg you're back!), red, skinnybusiness (haha, *smiles*), and mina belle (we'll get to 12 together too!) Thank you guys so much for your totally sweet comments!!! Wow, coming back to so much love wiped my week's slate clean! <3<3<3 (times a zillion!)
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  1. I have read your blog several times, but never realized how much weight you lost, way to go girl! Great blog too ^^


  2. lol Well I better keep to liquid too then! :) I had to come off my water fast, but I can definitely keep to a liquid. I was planning to do liquid Day Fasts, and have a reasonable dinner in the evening.

    I'm so happy you have such a great plan! And hey, if you mess up a bit, don't panic, just get back on it and keep going.

    Keep up the fabulous work!!

  3. D'aww I MISSED YOU. We all go to shit without each other, it seems.
    Stay wonderful and strong, I believe in you!

  4. Ditto what Charlie said... I have royally screwed myself in the days I haven't been blogging!

    I'm water fasting for as long as I can keep it up, hopefully at least a week. Wanna join me?

    Kudos to you for having such a thought out plan- I can't plan anything past next weekend!