Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life in a Vacuum

Have you ever been in science class and your teacher is explaining that this theory would be absolutely correct if what you were studying were in a vacuum. Like that a feather and a boulder would free fall at the same speed in a vacuum, or that all gases behave as ideal gases in a vacuum. I wish I lived in a vacuum because then everything would be perfect.
I am still sick, but nothing more than the swollen glands. But that is irritating as hell. I haven't been on lately because I have been hopped up on tylenol and theraflu. I can barely swallow. I put my finger down in my throat where my glands are and I swear my right gland is blocking half the opening. It's hell. But on the brightside I have been on all liquids!!! Woot! With the exception of sunday. We went to the vietnamese noodle soup place I got a soup, drank all the broth and right before I call the waitress to wrap up the noodles so I can give them to my dog my dad is all "you might want to eat some of the noodles so that you have something to fight the germs with" oh you mean the germs you gave me?!? Then my mom says "yeah eat the rest of those noodles it'll help you" so over the course of twenty agonizing minutes I eat the noodles. It took so long because it hurt to eat. Literally. But I got it all down. But then, to add insult to injury, my mom doesn't finish her soup. "Oh I feel like I'm gonna throw up" she says in a croaky voice. Are you fucking kidding me?!? I was so pissed I couldn't think straight. And there was no purging because I only have half of a throat opening. Fantastic.
I gained 1.8 lbs from that! Unbelievable! So yesterday I had all liquids and ran for an hour and now I am down 1.2 lbs. So yay. I plan on doing the same thing today and all the days after that. I have 13 more days until june. Which is great because if I keep this up I can be down 15.6 lbs which will put me at...197. Oh yeah that's good motivation!!!! It's amazing that I barely eat anything nowadays but I spaz about it more. I remember long ago I would be happy because I capped at 1500cals, but now I'm like omg I'm over 800, must do drasticness!!!! Anyway, I've made progress, I just have to keep going. I have you guys to thank for a lot of it because you guys inspire me and are great motivation and support. I mean when I started on here I was highly awkward and I had few friends and I just did not think I was likable. But thanks to you guys who said I was a great person, that I was likable and viable, I am thirty pounds lighter, I have people introduce themselves to me randomly, a guy from one of my classes just friended me on facebook yesterday, I have a ton more friends, and I have people practically bugging me to death to hang out. I have a lot more self confidence and I feel amazing. So I wanted to give you guys a big THANK YOU!!!!!!<3<3<3
Elle: aw thanks babe, I'll definitely check out your blog!!! :)
Gracile: it's totally awesome to meet new people!! Strangely enough I get along with guys ten times better than I do with girls. But on the bright side, I don't think a time goes by when I am not crushing on one of the guys I'm talking to! Lol. Oooh an award!!! I can't wait babe!!! <3
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  1. I glad to here you have made progress, it gives me hope that eventually I can eat just 800 calories each day,
    Keep up the good work, and get better soon.
    Love Elle xxxx

  2. I'm sorry about the noodles honey. They fucking suck, don't they?
    You're doing so awesome already, and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. They switched me to Team Control! I didn't even notice. We're competitors now! :( Boo.

    Ah the swollen glands. Did you read my water fast posts? I had the same thing. REALLY BAD. I had no idea how rough the detox would be. It took me about a week to recover. Pretty shitty. I hope you feel better! Drink lots of water to flush out all that stuff (as if you weren't already...).


  4. Wow you're doing great! I can't believe you ran even though you are sick! Me and running have a complicated relationship lol. But, I just finished running and I feel great afterwards and not at all like eating. I am def going to try and take your advice and get a schedule of running going. I'm sure it will help tons/ make me feel happier and more energized.

    I hope you get well SOON! Keep up the good stuff :)

  5. You're lucky that being sick makes you NOT want to eat. When I'm sick I tend to eat anything I can get my hands on because it makes my throat feel better. I had a cold a couple of months ago and as a result failed to meet my weight loss goal for the month.

  6. Aww, I'm sorry your sick, the whole thing with moms eating less than me bugs me to death. Any way yes when you loss wieght you gain confidence which natrauly attracts people. Check out my blog because your recieving a beautiful blogger award.

  7. I also get along with guys better. maybe there is not any rivaly so they dont judge me as much as girls. and they dont gossip as much, at least about the stuff i tell them :)
    I am so happy for you weight loss :)
    i hope you will get better soon.