Sunday, May 23, 2010

Super Sonic Hyperspeed Week

Soooo, over the past few days I have been doing pretty well, nothing catastophic or glowing pride. It's been pretty meh. But this week is go time!!!!! I'm going to do a liquid fast because I need to get to 199 and my mom's friend from work is throwing a graduation party for her daughter this coming sunday. GAH. Party means food so I must be totally skinny. Also I had a bit of a wake up call today. I modeled some pants that are 14's from my mom's closet because now they look sleek and nice on me. My dad complemented me and then without thinking said: "yeah you really are coming down, it's amazing you and your mom are the same size. I mean, you look so much bigger than her. You have the illusion of weighing 250 lbs, but you're almost below 200." Apart from this being traumatic to hear at all, this comes after my mom tells me to take off aforementioned pants because I'm "stretching out the seat" because I have a big butt and she doesn't. Needless to say, I was ready to just batter both of them until they begged for mercy. Instead I picked this week long liquid fast with uber low cals. This will entail me basically hiding from my parents and "cleaning my room". Apparently life realized I was feeling a tad too good about myself and needed a kick in the ass. So thank you life. Fucking asshole.
My glands are a zillion times better today!!! Not perfect but better. I think it's related to my teeth because they started hurting a couple a days ago on the same side as the gland and when this started my wisdom tooth on that side was hurting. So, I'll fix it soon.
I'm off to starve and get skinny!!!! (Starting tomorrow, today is outing with the fam) :)
WannaBskinny: you're welcome and thanks!!!!<3
Leela: OMG you're so sweet!!!
Charlie: thanks, you being proud of me means a lot. :) <3
Gracile: that means so much to me and I appreciate it, you're a sweetheart!!<3
Violet Summer Chic: why thank you!!!! I am 5'9-9.5 in sock feet but for sure 5'10 in gym shoes. :)
Ariana: thanks babe!!!
Fat Bastard: you really are a bastard and jump off of my blog. I find it highly pathetic that you went through reading the shitty captcha just to leave a stupid comment that really didn't have any substance. Why are you on these blogs anyway? Are you being a peeping tom because you can't stop shoving McD's down your throat? I may not eat, but in the words of CSS: you can eat my ass, bitch!
Pocahontas: hey! Well to get down to lower cals work your way down from what you normally eat by like 100cals a day. It'll be easier for you to stick with it. If I'm correct, has an amazing list of tips, I think it's like 300 or something. However, if you don't actually have a disorder and are just trying to lose weight, you might just want to up workouts and eat like 1000cal a day and just do it the old-fashioned way because the pro ana route can get hella demanding (this psa has been brought to you by scarlet). So be safe and good luck!

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  1. oh my gosh scarlet your parents what tards, hopethats not to ofensive to call your rents tards but that would be correct. Ummm parents can be such jerks. Good luck on your fast. Your so awsome. :) I love pro thinspoi BTW Like every day. P.S, I got my motive back. :) so now I'm happy. Loves for always <3's-Katie

  2. Well don't let them rattle you Scarlet. You just keep doing what you've been doing. We'll see what kind of nasty shit they have to say when your mom is around 200 and you're down to 130. You can tell them to take a zero cal popsicle and SUCK IT. ;)