Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

...For this stunning award!!!!!!!!! Thanks to Gracile and Skinnybusiness I have the beautiful blogger award and I'm so proud!!! But now comes seven of my deepest darkest secrets:
1: I have shoplifted stuff before. But only from thrift stores that have no bar codes. The last thing I took was an Eleanor McEvoy CD because her song "Sophie" is like tops in pro ana for me and my dad wouldn't buy it.
2: I once played around with pepper spray and made a big pink streak on my mom's favorite white suit...she still doesn't know how it got there.
3: I steal my dad's diuretics, which eventually will catch up to me!
4: I once drank a whole bottle of peach arbor mist around thanksgiving when I was like thirteen and blamed the whole thing on my brother. A similar event happened with the sangria around christmas. Now my parents aren't surprised when they hear that my brother just so happens to drink a lot.
5: During an algebra exam I actually checked my notes to get the answer to a question. My teacher never noticed.
6: During a calculus 3 exam with the same teacher (who left to go to the bathroom) I traded solutions with JH to solve questions I didn't know and questions he didn't know. I got 92%, he got a 65%. He didn't have many solutions to trade. :P
7: Um, I'm a lot less vanilla than people think!!!!!!
And the awesome people I bestow this award on (sorry about no links, I'm on the mobile) in no particular order:
Ana Banana
Violet Summer Chic
All totally awesome people and if you didn't make the list I just didn't have enough room, but know you always have a place in my heart! (Yes I know I pushed the limit to nine...)
Anyway, how about some good reasons WHY I have the award!!!!!! I am 209.4 lbs!!!!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!! Idk if it's the workouts and the liquids (mostly) and the fact that my mom has been giving me laxi teas to "flush out the germ" but I can't believe I'm in single digits!!!!! I'm so closeeeeee!!!! Just ten pounds and I win!
I am still sick but getting better. I mean it's uncomfortable for sure but, it's kept me from screwing anything up! I can't even eat grapes because they are too cold and they get stuck under my right gland and it is such a pain to get it out! I so wish I had some antibiotics or something...gotta go to a doc or something.
Anyway...idk what I'm going to do today, drink water, tea, and other lovely things that won't pain me. I'll probably run today... Gotta get to 199 before june. 2 weeks for 10 lbs!!! Wooooot!!
Elle: aw thanks babe! you can do it!!!!!!!<3
Charlie: yes they do suck and I hearby banish all noodles!!!! Hahaha, thanks babe I'm trying!!!<3
Ana Banana: oh noes, we're on different teams??? NOOOOO!!!!!! I wonder why they switched you? It's okay, it's only friendly competition right? I read your water posts! I didn't see anything about the they just go away??<3
Athanasy: haha thanks babe. I figure even though I'm sick it's not affecting my legs lungs or breathing so I can run, lol. Running is strange because it's like hard and therapeutic at the same time...<3
Misty: yeah it makes me want to eat too but unless I want to hurt I can't! :)
Skinnybusiness: yeah it's wayy irritating for moms to eat less, but now we're like the same size and I'm all: "I've got you now!!!! Mwahhahahahaha!!!" <3
Gracile: it's true, guys don't normally go off and tell everything you let them know!! Thanks babe!!<3
I am off to let the winners know they won!!
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  1. thank you so much hun! :*
    and congrats on the weight loss .. that's amazing!

  2. Well done! I love your blog, your inspiring!x

  3. Aww, thank you! Congratulations on your weight loss, I'm so proud of you! :]

  4. You can totally lose 10 pounds in to weeks.
    I hope the doctor will help so you dont have to suffer much longer.
    You got the price because you are working for something you want. It does not matter that you are 200 ibs it matters that you are doing something to change it.


  5. Thanks for the award :D ! You can do it, 10 pounds in two weeks if you really go for it. I can't believe how much weight you've lost!
    Oh, and yes, I was wondering how tall you are?
    Love your post as always! ^^


  6. OMG Congrats on single digits! You're so close; I know you can make it by June!

  7. Hey Scarlet,

    I've pretty much been following your blog religiously for like 2 weeks now. You are such a great writer and I just love reading your blog. However, I was wondering if you knew of any good sites or had any advice of your own to really kick off me being pro-ana. Like I try so hard but seems it always backfires :/
    Thanks and keep up the great writing!
    P.S. You are doing great on your weightloss!

  8. Hey,thank for the award, I was so shocked and surprised!
    Keep it up, your amazing.
    Elle. xoxoxox