Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yay Me It's Day 3!

Hey guys!!!!
So today I weighed in at 213.4 lbs, only .6 lbs away from my low weight and down another 2.2 lbs since yesterday! That's 5.4 lbs in two days!!!!!! Yayayayay!
Yesterday I had:
My acetyl l-carnitine pills, and kelp pill
Lemon water
Cinnamon tea
Hawthorne tea
And I jogged for 33 minutes and walked for 30 minutes! I feel really good though!! I think my stomach is starting to become aware that it has nothing coming it's way. It's starting to growl more, but no hunger pangs yet (sorry red!). Either that or somehow I am magically blocking them out from my brain! Haha, idk.
I was a bit unhappy yesterday, all of my final grades are in and unfortunately my prized 4.0 gpa is no more. I got A's for all of my classes except physics, in which I got a B. However, I am getting my prof to scan me a copy of my final because he claimed I got 68/125 and that curved up to 77% and I just don't believe that. So I'm gonna take a peek. Who knows, my gpa may rise from the dead! I'm sorry if I sound weird but I've had a 4.0 throughout my entire college time. So that number has been with me three long years. Now my gpa is 3.92, which isn't bad and if I work my ass off I can still get like a 3.97 or something for graduation and be summa cum laude. That is like the ultimate goal for me!! I wanna be the best!
Anyway, I'm rambling. I am going out today, to buy more water, some more cinnamon, more lemon juice, and some sparkling water!
Red: haha, you never know, you might overtake me soon! Idk what it is with my stomach, it wants me to fast or something! Everyday I wake up I wonder if I lost anything because I just don't feel hungry! You're pretty strong yourself cause you're doing it with me!!! ^_^
Ana banana: I will definitely keep it up my dear!!!!<3
Off to troop through day 3!
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  1. omg awesome!! you're getting so close to the 200 mark and dropping under it!! I'm so excited for you! I'm not sure how many people understand how incredible that sort of achievement feels!

    Thats why I love you guys, and the whole pro-ana community. Its just honest people doing what they can for themselves. It's not perfect, but its real, and no one is trying to sell anyone anything. so much <3<3's

  2. Ana Banana is right- passing a HUUUUGE (no pun intended) milestone is an AMAZING feeling. Passing 200 and hitting 199 is a feeling like no other, I can't wait for you to experience it for yourself!! Keep up the amaazing work.