Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello hello my loves!
So mother's day is over, I hope you guys gave your mom's the world!!!!! Yesterday's food wasn't like awful, mostly because we wound up NOT going to the buffet!! Wooooooooo!!!! But I made my mom bfast (eggs, waffles, and salmon cakes) and lunch (two more waffles) and dinner (portabella mushroom stuffed with crab) and dessert (piece of cake). So not bad as the waffles were eggo sized and everything else, with the exception of the cake, was protein. So yay.
But today starts something totally awesome: seven day water fast! Yes, I said seven day. I was talking to red and she said she was doing a seven day and I said why the heck not?!? I mean ketosis happens after day three, and I was gonna wake up to day four anyway, and I really wanna do a long fast but I'm trying to psych myself into saying, oh seven days is not that long! And then pull the bait and switch and keep going! Hahaha, so awesomely evil. I mean, idk if it's going to work but I'm gonna try. Besides, if it doesn't I'm just switching to the liquids any way.
So here are the stats to start:
May 10, 2010:
SW: 218.8 lbs
GW (for May 17): 198 lbs
Okay so fear not about the weight my dears, aunt flo is in town. But she'll be gone on...saturday. So my weight should absolutely plummet with this. I read on a website ana banana told me about ( ) that, on average, people can lose twenty pounds on a seven day fast. TWENTY POUNDS. Do you know what I would do to get rid of twenty pounds in a week??? So this sounds like a very good deal. So if you guys wanna join in with red and me come on! And if you wanna do a liquid fast instead, come on!!! We aren't prejudiced, we all just wanna be thin.
Violet Summer Chic: omg thankyou!!!! Just you wait, the show has only just begun!<3
Ana Banana: oooh, you'd better! Lol, your plan sounds good, I've seen what your "reasonable dinners" are, so I think I have my competition cut out for me! Yeah, the breaks in the plan will not stop the plan!<3
Charlie: omgosh I missed you too!!!!! You are so sweet and I adore you. Yeah, left to our own devices we aren't that awesome, but together we're amazing!!! <3<3
Red: haha, I am a planoholic!!! Seriously I was reading some of my old posts and it was just plansplansplans and programs, lol. We're totally gonna get through this fast!!!!!!<3
Off to drink some lovely water! (Twentypoundstwentypoundstwentypounds!)
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  1. Yay for fasting! I volunteer to be part of your cheering section!


  2. hey I'm trying to start a fast too and thank you so much for this post. I'm doing a water fast. I might start Tuesday. I hear everyone about having plans and programs. I need my water fast to be part of a plan so I do it again predictably. I really want to do the bait and switch too to keep going on the fast and thank you for advocating that!