Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pardon The Interruption

Hey guys! Sooo, nothing too eventful going on around here. I'm still liquid fasting, but I am going on a short hiatus for uni finals. So until like friday I won't be posting. I'll try to keep up with you guys' blogs as much as possible, but if you don't see me in the comment stream please don't get upset! So as you know I am going to be eating healthily (which just means eating fruits veggies etc) to keep my strength up for finals. Post finals there will be some water fasting right before mother's day, but I'll tell you more about that when I come back.
Ana Banana: yeah, I am deff not in the position to do anything like that, but idk, it was just something that happened, but it won't be happening again. I will be that beacon in the harbor for him. It's just that whenever I act high and mighty he brings up every not perfect thing I have eaten in the past, which is kinda a ridiculous thing to do but it cuts me down a few pegs because I am a spaz about food (obviously). But if I am perfect for a long enough amount of time, I can be high and mighty and he can't say anything to bring me down. It'll be like "oh, eating that pizza again?" "Don't act so above I remember when you did blah blah blah, you're still a tribal member" ( the tribal member thing came from this comment rosie o'donnell made about star jones once) and then I'll say "I haven't eaten solids in two weeks so sorry, you're on your own." Booyah!
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  1. what kind of juices are you drinking? and how many calories is max now?

    do you freshly squeese or purchase some? (in a 100gr what's the max you get on the back of the juice)?