Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2 and I feel Brand New!

I am so super happy today. I am 215.6 lbs!!!!!! I lost 3.2 lbs in a freaking day!!!! Omg woot!
So here's what I did yesterday:
Took 2 acetyl l-carnitine tablets (powdered kind, emptied into my water)
1 kelp pill (also powdered kind, emptied into water)
Lemon water
Sparkling lemon water
Cinnamon tea with lemon (omg this tastes so super good. Like a cinnamony lemonade, sweet and nice but with zero cals!)
Bazooka joe bubble gum (I chewed it but I didn't swallow anything!!! Yay!)
So that was day one. I also did thirty minutes of jogging and thirty minutes of walking. It was pretty easy, I was just kinda bored because I had nothing to do but I can deal with bored. I wasn't hungry at all, I heard my stomach growl a bit but none of that twisting and contracting business. I told my parents about my fast and they're all supportive. In fact, my dad has fasting envy. He wants to do one but the meds he takes require him to eat, so he's a tad unhappy right now! But he is taking me to buy some sparkling water, some lemon juice. And I'll narc some more cinnamon bark offa him. Haha. I can't believe how exciting this is! I guess since I wasn't eating crap before hand, only like natural stuff pretty much, the detox symptoms aren't hitting me too tough.
You know I made my dad eggs with mushrooms yesterday? And I toasted waffles?? Yep, I did and I was like hmmm, I don't think so! Nothing crossed these lips. My parents bought some OJ but I didn't drink any!! Yay! Even though it was a lovely and vibrant orange color, lol.
Ana Banana: oooh, I've always wanted a cheering section!!!!! I feel super motivated now!!!! <3
C: I'm totally cheering for your fast and I hope you do awesome! The stuff I did yesterday is pretty much what I'm living on right now, so if you want you can do that. The website has amazing motivation and information! Good luck!!!! ^_^
Off to complete day two and troop to day three, it's already 1pm so I am more than halfway through!!
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  1. <-- this is me being jealous

    3.2 pounds?! You're amazing! How's the stomach twisting and contracting business for you today? It's almost painful for me... boo.

    You are so strong.


  2. Great job Scarlet! You're doing amazing! Keep it up!

  3. 3.2 lbeees...in a day? woowza! me = proud with a hint of jealousy! :P xxxxxx