Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Hello lovelies!
So friday went well with the liquid fast, I didn't weigh my self on saturday morning for fear I would have any post water fasting jump back weight. I had about 750 cals, just at my limit >_<! But I'll do better. Yesterday well, it was interesting. I didn't think it through completely.
I was up at 6:15 am, fed my dog, drank a cup of soymilk and got dressed. I showed up at my school at 7:30am, got my gown/robe which looked pretty kick ass btw, and sat around talking so that I wouldn't eat the donuts sitting on the table. It went well, but by idk noon something I did not expect happened: my cheap penny pinching school provided lunch. Damn it all to hell. Everyone already saw me not eat any bfast and we were all at completely full tables, talking. Needless to say, I had to eat. I had a veggie sandwich that as well as veggies had a slice of cheese on it, an apple, and a pepsi (I don't drink diet, sorry I can't deal with aspartame). I was so super pissed. Then later my dad bought me some acai juice and that was it for the day. It wasn't horrible but not what I wanted. So now I am 212.0 today. Fine. But food won't be an issue for a long time because my wisdom teeth are growing in and they hurt like hell and food particles keep getting stuck back there and if I get them out I hurt myself so food is off the table for sure, lol. Also my throat glands are swollen (but going down!!) So it feels a bit strange to swallow in the first place. Stupid dad germs. Surprisingly my immune system is kicking ass and refuses to let me get actually sick. I get symptoms and then they quickly recede. I imagine the defenses are starting to run low dad has been sick all week. Germs, germs, germs 24/7. Gah.
Anyway, today is a liquid fast and tomorrow will be water. I'm doing this checkerboard fasting with red. Gotta be under 200 before june if I have a snowball's chance of making 130 by the time I go back to school. :)
That's like 82 lbs in 14 weeks. That's about 5.5 lbs a week which I think is totally doable. I already lost 6.8 so far this week (technically my week doesn't end until tomorrow morning!) So I think, no I know, I can do it.
Oooh but I have awesome info for you guys about what happened at the graduation (not mine I was just helping out!). Firstly, I actually was sociable!!!!! I met and now know the names of two new people!!!! They're both guys, lol. One is a 6'4 gentle giant type named robert and the other one is about 5'8 and kinda lanky, lol, his name is eric. But but, that's not the totally awesome part. The totally awesome part is that I was talking with my friend MK and this random guy totally bumps into me from behind. He's all "excuse me sorry" and looks like he's going to walk away. Then he totally turns back around and is all "btw, my name is CA, what's your name?"
"Scarlet nice to meet you" and then he walks away. And I'm like wtf??? Okay, whatever.
Then later I was talking with robert in the auditorium while all the grads take pics before the ceremony, and CA comes on down for no particular reason. He was down the row so he had to cross the chairs to get where robert and I were. He starts down the row and then the photographer takes another grad picture with these huge lightbulbs that can cause temporary blindness everytime they flash. CA stumbles but catches himself. Says something really fast about the flash and something something and left back up the aisle before I could even say anything. He was so embarassed. I felt bad for him. But really good for me because he was cute. :D
So that was my day yesterday and today will be great too! I'm off to liquid fast!!!
WannaBskinny: water fasting is really hard to do straight because it totally makes you fixate on anything with taste. You should try the checkerboard like me and red. I normally just drink the carrot juice because it's only 50-60 cals a cup. You can do a 2:1 ratio of carrot juice to water though and it tastes fine and that combo is only 33-40 cals a cup. I drink carrot juice and celery juice and cucumber and any green juice really. I try to limit fruit juices because they are high cals, but if you mix carrot with apple it tastes sweet and good and lower cal than straight apple! Hope this helps! <3
Violet summer chic: aww thanks babe! Just you wait soon you'll look like a celery stalk in her jeans!!!! I was nervous putting them on!!! :)
Red: yeah, definitely can't do much bedridden, lol. Yay! Dropping dress sizes feels amazing... And motivating! My parents don't believe in multi vitamins because they think they're too processed. They are health nuts which is precisely why I don't get fat when we eat but I don't lose anything either. But they were okay with me drinking carrot juice in the morning (we finally got some!!!) And I told them I was doing the liquid/water checkerboard thing and they're cool now! <3
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  1. Scarlet, you are such an inspiration. Your blog gives me the strength not to eat. You inspired me to write a blog also. It would mean alot if you would take a look.
    Stay strong,
    love Elle. xx

  2. Wow sounds like you had a really great day. I love meeting new people especially guys ;)

    Good work with the fasting.

    Beautiful Blogger award coming your way.check it in my blog.