Saturday, May 1, 2010

I can't believe this

My mother is such a bitch. She's skinnier than me, but I normally don't have a big problem with it. She bought a bunch of cloths and was modeling them. She tried on some 14s and they fit snug (she thinks she's a 12) they were from banana republic so they're pretty true to size. She was trying to say they were a "european cut". Then my dad is all "well then you should be able to fit them then scarlet". Then I say "oh well I said I'm a 15, not a 14" and then my mom says "there's no such thing as a 15, you're either a 14 or a 16, so which one are you?" They are assholes. That is all. But I tell ya something, I am gonna be a bony goddess. And they will eat shit. Who's gonna run this town tonight? Me Biatch.
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    were gonna do it baby!! were gonna do it together .. fucking bone city!!

    add me on MSN :) we are doing like a support thing so we can get help stat if we have food trouble ! ;)