Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Must Be Flashdance...

...Because what a freaking feeling!!!!!! I liquid fasted yesterday for a grand total of 480 cals. That consisted of ginger ale (120), two popscicles (160), and a gatorade (200). And I did the 45 min cardio party of turbo jam! Which is totally kick ass, btw. I mean I had to really work the entire time. I think I'll do it again today! Yes that's right, I want the pain, it shows me that I'm doing something right.
I didn't weigh in today, probably do that on thursday, I reaallly want to see an amazing number. Also on thursday I'll have three days before the party to continue and five days before my june 1 deadline of under 200. I have to keep pushing.
It's funny, yesterday my dad wanted a "goodie" from walgreen's so we had to wait for my mom to get home so we could all go. My dad got a bag of poppycock, which when you read the nutritional facts doesn't seem that bad: 150cals a serving, 104mg of sodium, all natural ingredients. But there were 8 servings in the bag. Yes, you read that right, EIGHT. Now the nutritional facts read differently: 1200 cals, 832mg of sodium. Yowza. The bag wasn't even that big which is what made it so ridiculous. My mom went with jalepeno cheddar cheetos and salt and vinegar vitner's potato chips. Now hers only had 640cals total, but god the chemicals in that crap were unbelievable!!!! MSG, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup (???), the whole nine yards. I told her about it before she bought it and she told me she didn't care. Fine. I was tempted to get something "good". Maybe some gum or some chocolate covered raisins or something. But then I thought of you guys. And my goals. What I want, and how I had worked through the entire day drinking mostly water and worked out so hard and I was going to throw it all away for a one night stand with a bag of candy?!? Hell no. I got my gatorade for the electrolyte boost and had my two fruit popscicles and called it a day. I'm happy I did too because I got compliments from my dad of how skinny I looked today (yeah I know, he goes back and forth), while he complained of a swollen foot (from the salt most likely), and my mom said she was having a "fat day" and had a pouchy gut (also probably from the salt. But she didn't care remember??) So in the words of Agent Shaw on that epic season finale of Chuck last night: "Mwahaha".
Idk if I ever mentioned this but I'm a bit obsessed with the show Chuck. I love love love it and I think Zachary Levi is adorable. Just saying.
Also I'm trying to do this liquid fast according to the ABC (no promises 'kay?) So hopefully it works! So the plan for the rest of the day is have 340 cals or less (already had 160 in the form of fruit popscicles. It's freaking hot over here!) And work out. Talk about a good time, lol.
Katie: LMAO at your comment!!!! They are tards sometimes, lol. They have no filter in their brain and just spit out whatever comes to mind! Yay we both have mojo now!!! Let's get skinny!!!!<3
Ana Banana: hahaha, yeah I don't think my mom has been losing any weight like at all. I mean when I first got my old scale I weighed 242 and she weighed 184. Now I weigh somewhere around 208 probably and she's around 175. So from august to now she's lost like ten pounds and I've lost like 34. Soon I will overtake her, SOON.<3
Also hello new followers!!! There are 104 of you now! Feel free to comment, I love you all!!
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  1. Scarlet, You are amazing! I'm so proud of you :)

  2. There should be an I Like button here, like the ones Facebook has ^^ Proud of you for not eating all junk when your parents offered you!

  3. Aww I'm so proud of you. Your doing amazing. I love you and I love motive. Eww I hate when I'm being skinny and I read other peoples calories.

  4. Figured out it would be easier to reply to your comment here ^^

    I can't wait until summer! Then I'm going running every day ^^ Now I do run slow and I get short of breath so much faster than I used to. I can run fast short distances, used to be the best in my class at 60 m (yay!) I used to be in great shape, exercising every day sometimes two times a day. I could just run and run and not get too tired. I want to get back in that shape. I want to look and feel good when running again. I've lost 3.8 kg, I think some of it has to be water weight, it is not possible to lose weight that fast right? I mean, I haven't been working out more than a couple of times because of finals.
    Only two more weeks and I am done with finals. I can't weight! I can't believe I'm done with my first year in college though, it has gone by so fast!
    We can do it Scarlet! You have done such a great job! I can't go as low in calorie intake as you and many others here do. I just know from experience I end up binging feeling bad about myself and everything just sucks... I eat a lot, I feel bad about it sometimes. I stay under 1200 every day (unless something special happened) and that is still a calorie deficiency of about 1100 kcal for my height and weight. I'm so glad you are here, love your comments! Keep on going, blogging, losing weight! We can do it!


  5. Hi, new follower here. ;D

    I've read through most of your entries now. And I'm also pretty proud of you.
    I keep slipping up and fucking things up, but reading your stuff just makes everything so much easier and reminds me that I CAN do this.

    Keep up the good work, hun. (Y)

  6. I say this as a parent myself: There are a lot of parents out there who use their kids as scapegoats so they don't have to face their own imperfections. This seems to be the case with your parents. As long as you weigh more than they do, they can nitpick you and avoid looking at themselves. Don't let this get to you. Be your own person. Live for yourself. Stay strong!

  7. Scarlet, you're awesome! I'm so proud you stuck to your guns. I love the part about the "one night stand with a bag of candy." Gonna remember that one. <333