Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strength and Sacrifice

Hey guys!
So really awesome news, I got some shape-ups! Omg my butt and legs are like burning now. I got them yesterday so I am really happy. Also I have been going pretty strong with the liquids, I'm not gonna lie though, I did cheat a little yesterday. Three bites of cake. But strangely enough, not out of greed, it was like a sacrifice. Throwing myself on the fire for someone else. Okay let me tell ya how it worked.
My dad weighed in on tuesday night, and was 375lbs. Highly depressed because he's only lost 14 lbs since like 6 months ago. Like he was really shocked. I mean so was I kinda. I thought he'd lost more since he looks smaller but apparently the math of losing weight changes for no one. So yesterday I was out with him and we went to whole foods. I had a tomato basil soup (12 oz, approx. 150cals) and he had two slices of pizza. Yep, you read that right. Then later we went to that vegan restaurant and I got a small strawberry soy ice cream (approx. 160 cals. It was a half a cup so I just gave it the stats of normal ice cream) and he got the same, along with a vegan lemon cake (idk the cals, but it's cake). I chastised him for it, he said he was only going to eat half, lmao, liar. So he has like three bites left and he's all "do you want to finish this off?" And I know, that I know that I know if I don't take it those three bites are gonna go down his throat. So I ate it. Blech, I didn't even enjoy it. That probably won't be happening again. But I am back to fasting! I am gonna liquid fast the rest of the week and then monday through thursday I'll allow myself breakfast so I can be strong for my finals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast will make me champeeon (lmao, thanks wintergirls!). But as soon as 12:30pm thursday may 6 hits, I will be free from school and free from food. I jump right back into liquid fasting and go as far as my will power will take me, which is pretty far!
Unfortunately, I don't think I'm losing any weight atm. Of course I'm uber stressed and it's then end of the month, so I am pretty sure mother nature is planning on screwing me over next week. Blah. I figure if I stay good, don't binge, keep going, that when I stop retaining water that I'll be reeeeaaaallllyyy thin. Hopefully.
Omg I was laughing so hard today in physics because not only is A an asshole, and not only does he have a retainer, but he also cannot see!! Not as a knock blind people, but the boy has super thick clark kent looking glasses! Omg lol. So apparently he was wearing contacts all that time. Well, SC doesn't wear contacts so HA.
Speaking of SC, he was back in class today! So yay I actually did get to see him before the final. Same old same old, talking, walking, and parting ways. Sigh. But I'm totally going to some soccer games in the fall. I'll go and cheer him on! Woo! Lol.
Oh and another thing: all of my muscles fucking ache right now because I put in an hour of practicing breakdancing yesterday. Dammit that totally kicked my ass but it felt so fun! I think I have my summer obsession ladies (and gents). And it burns cals (obviously)!!!! Woot! I will be 130 by next semester. Between fasting, walking, and break dancing, I should be so skinny by the time I go back in august. No one will know what hit them.
Flora: aww thanks hun, I'm working hard!!!! :)
Red: Hey, 700 is not bad at all, and as long as you're working hard and staying mindful, progress shall be made!
Ana Banana: well, I mean we don't want anybody passing out or anything! 680 is a good max, I should be so lucky to get that low!
M-ilie: you're so sweet, I try to normally outsmart myself so I won't think of loop holes, lol! Haha, my prof is a jerk, he assigned homework that's due during finals!!! Gahhhh!
Jen: jump jump jump!!!! It's exciting and the water's great, lol! I am pushing now because if I don't, I fear I'll be crushed! But there's nothing to get me out here in the water, except maybe jaws or something, hahahaha.
Koko Fabulous: wow thanks so much!! I didn't even know I actually popped up on google! I will deff check out your blog!!!! :)
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  1. I've done that for loved ones before. Throwin yourself under the bus to save another from wicked calories. I've done it for my husband.

    I'm not sure if you're in a position to do things like that though. You've lost a bunch, but you have a very long way to go. I did exactly what you did, but it makes me wonder... Maybe it would be even better not to take the food from them. Just to serve as a shining example. Maybe by taking those sacrificing bites, we join them in their error thereby enabling it to some extent.

    Thanks for posting. I never thought this way about my own actions. I just sort of did it and forgot about it. I'm glad you made me think of it again. Next time, I think I'll try the opposite. After all, we can't save anyone. We can only encourage them to save themselves.

    Congrats on sticking with the liquids! I'll be joining you again with them on Monday... though I dunno how long you're doing it.