Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Red Badge Of Totally Screwed

Sooo, mother nature decided to show up today. Gee thanks, so not happy to see you. Anyway, I did gain weight, but I have no idea whether or not it's water weight or real weight. Doesn't matter though, I'm still water fasting today regardless.
In other news though, interesting development on the A frontier. I thought after being friends on FB with A I would creep his page less, but I actually do it more because I can see everything. I made a small discovery that made me happy. One of A's friends (that idk) named Kendall (who's gay, btw) wrote on his wall:
"Jailbait. That is all."
At first I was like wtf? Then it hit me: he's talking about ME. Then I felt like kicking Kendall's ass right then and there. You know, after I find him or something, lol. Anyway, the point is that A must be feeling romantically inclined because he's asking people's advice! Yes, yes, yes!!!!!! So my plan is to bring up that I'm planning my big 18th, which should lead into A asking when my bday is. In which case I will let him know it's in the first week of november. Yeah, jailbaitness will not be a "problem" for long. Also, what always cracks me up is that guys don't realize it's only "jailbait" if you have sex with the underage person, not if you date them dumbass. Anyway, I see that as a good sign that he's asking advice about going out with me. Which is totally awesome.
My water fast is going well, nothing has and nothing will cross my lips!
M-ilie: hahahahaha, thanks, I was worried I was getting too high and mighty! Lol. :)
Charlie: To err is part of the human condition my dear. And life is a big rollercoaster, especially the weightloss part of it. But while most people give up, when the chips are down WE don't. We never quit, we never stop fighting, we never stop trying, because we know you only fail when you quit, so like the energizer bunny we keep going. And eventually slow as it may seem, we wake up one day and we find we've made it. We're thin. We did it, and we're never gonna let it go! Love you too babe...also in a totally non-weird way, lol stay strong!<3
Kendall's wall posting? Mysteriously removed. I guess someone (A!) Didn't want me to see it. Yeah, that wouldve worked if I wasn't a FB addict and also check your page everytime I go on FB. Good try though, lol.

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  1. Haha i know i am such a facebook stalker i cant help myself :L :D Sounds like this is a good sign then, hopefully this will lead to something, Stay Strong, Think Thin x