Friday, April 9, 2010

Back And Forth

Hello my lovelys!!!! Omgosh you guys are so awesome and sweet!!!!!! Thank you so much for your compliments about me, and my guys! Even though my guys wear "silly hats" (lmao, charlie).
But a couple of you (skinnybusiness and becca) brought up the fact that maybe this is a "A is just not that into you" moment. Aaaannndd I read your comments early thursday and I agreed. So when I went to physics, I was all prepped to talk to SC and pretty much not break my ass to talk to A, but then A didn't show up to class so I was all, hmmm maybe this will be easier than I thought! I did wind up talking to SC and it was soo cool!! I mean it wasn't about anything interesting really, but he's so easy and cool to talk to! And then later I was on FB at the school library printing out my lab handout and I saw him online, you know while he's supposed to be working at the school gym! Did I mention he works at the gym? And that he's on the soccer team? And that I'm sooo jealous that he only weighs 140lbs?!? Yeah, I think I skipped a lot of info, sorry!!
Anyway, so he was online so I decided to tease him.
Me: wow, you're working so hard over there!
SC: hahaha, I do nothing over here. Guarding a locked door. You know, it case it magically opens and someone walks in, lol.
From there I went on teasing him lightly and him laughing his ass off the whole time. Then I had to go cause my dad was going to be waiting for me, so:
Me: hey, I gotta go, I just wanted to tease you and make the gym a little less mundane!
SC: okayy, I'll see you in lab bye!
Haha, I flirt too much...
But lab, lab was where it got interesting. I showed up early and was talking to Kevin, this fifth year compsci major I know. Sorry I know you guys get comfused because I know so many guys! I am a guy magnet, idk why, I guess because I'm nice or whatever, but most of my friends are guys. Go figure. Anyway, I'm talking to kevin and A pops up outta NOWHERE. He's just all like "hey" and suddenly he's apart of our conversation. It wasn't like I had a lot to say to A. I wasn't gonna drop my conversation because he was there. Then MF shows up and magically joins the convo. Hmmm....why are A and MF talking to me when they show up at lab now? It used to be I had to walk over to them. What the hell!!!
Then lab starts and unfortunately SC is late. I was going to wait for him, because I wanted him to be my lab partner, but before I knew it, A was on one side of me and MF was on the other, starting the lab at my desk. And then I realized something: they just fucking made me apart of they're group. Damn you A! And then SC shows up like eight minutes later and he has to partner up with this guy...not me. So I was in a seriously bad mood towards A. I mean really, I was sensing some best friend teamwork going on. So I started acting bitchy. When I say bitchy, I don't mean acting like a bitch, I mean acting a little sharper and snarkier than I would normally be. I should clarify something though: remember when I said Emma was my cool counterpart? She's not, she's just the personification of my ED, just what runs through my head sometimes. But to be honest, ever since I was ten my cooler counterpart has been Samantha. She's fearless and can charm anyone. She never gets nervous and always has something to say. So Samantha was in full swing after I got pissed off.
We were doing this magnet thing and you were supposed to go by length, but the number on the magnets wasn't chronological with their length. Like 40 wasn't longer than 37. And we were trying to go in order so after we did 40 (the shortest) then we moved on to 37 (next one up). But A was all "shouldn't we use 39, I mean that comes before 37." In this know-it-all fashion. Like I don't know the order of numbers. "They aren't in chronological order, didn't you read the lab?" I said smoothly. A looked at me like, I can't even describe it. With a smirk. "Of course I read the lab, who remember the lengths of the magnets anyway?"
"I didn't remember the lengths, I just remembered they weren't chronological and looked in the table for the next one up." I replied with a smirk of my own. I was in rare form my dears, rare form. It was like that ALL LAB. A and I going back and forth with childish comments, cursing at each other, and yet laughing the entire time. The boy is crazy!!! When I'm nice he acts so weird and awkward, but when I'm just straight up and tease him and act like idgaf about him, then he's so normal. I mean, he's giving me snarky stuff too, but he seems soooo much more comfortable. So, a few things I've realized:
1) SC is so sweet and awesome to me
2) Though I'm not positive SC likes me, he either likes me or will be one of my best friends
3) A likes me but is a shithead
4) My best bet is to be Samantha with him and let whatever happens, happen.
5) And just be myself with SC, because SC doesn't piss me off
So I am taking your advice and going for SC. Yay scarlet for being smart! If being samantha with A helps him to realize that he should ask me out or whatever, so be it, but that is no longer my main objective.
My food intake was awesome yesterday!!! I had a smoothie for bfast, and nothing else until 4pm, where I had a cup of minestrone, with a sparkling water. That was it. Seriously, I am sooo proud!!!!!
Thank you guys for everything!!!
PS: I forgot to mention that another reason why I think A likes me but is a pansy ass: he and SC are now friends on facebook. I was just like what. The. Fuck. When I saw that. It seems so wrong!! Haha. Stop trying to spy on me A!
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  1. good job on your eating !!!!! :D

    and how were u able to write all that on a blackberry? hahaha

  2. Best of luck, my dear.

    Ana buddies? I'd love to keep in touch. I have a blog myself, which I just started this past week.