Saturday, April 17, 2010

City of Love

You know what, I am feeling crazy good rite now. I had a pretty good day as far as food goes, sorta. I mean I had a slice of pizza (dad's idea, and it was an actual pizzeria) but that was pretty much the only blip. I had this brown rice salad and that was pretty much it. So not toooo bad. Though way too many carbs, gotta stay away from that stuff!!! Oh and late, late, last night my parents and I went to this 24-hr breakfast place. So at like 1am I had waffles and french fries. I gained a pound. No big, I honestly expected more. This means my metabolism isn't dead so yay!
Today has been good with food. Good as all I've had is a veggie smoothie and a stalk of celery. Woot! Course, it's only noon and we're going out today. My dad's bday is wednesday, and so we're kinda celebrating this weekend. Celebration=food. I'll try to sidestep as much as possible. I've found not eating anything until the big meal of the day works well. The breakfast place caught me by surprise, but that won't happen often. :)
I know what you're thinking: scarlet why is this post called city of love? What the hell are you up to now?
Well, I'll tell ya: yesterday I went to this project challenge type thing for this entreprenuership program. It was fun and I won a ten dollar gift certificate to tarjey (lol, target). Then while I was waiting around to get picked up I ran into SC in the pit of computers. We were talking and I mentioned how I've never been out the country. This was the conversation (it has an important part so read it!)
SC: really? Well, before I came I'd never been outside of scotland.
Me: ha, yeah but my dad has been to like bermuda and all of the virgin islands and stuff and my mom has been to like germany and france, and I've been nowhere!!
SC: oh well you have at least one more year here right?
Me: yeah, two actually.
SC: oh then you could study abroad! I'm thinking of going to france next year, you should think about it. You can to to the office of international students and it's really easy cause no one from this school ever applies.
Me: really?!? I am totally gonna look into that thanks!
Okay okay, back up: SC said he's gonna study abroad next year. He says I should do it too. A+B=C. C equals he just nonchalantly asked me to come with. Hell yeah! I mean, my parents aren't gonna let me do it or anything, but the fact that he's all you should come too, is very encouraging. Goodness I hope that boy asks me out soon! (You've only got two weeks hurry up! Lol)
So that's it really, not tooo much going on!
Wannabskinny: aww thanks babe! I appreciate all of your support!!!!!<3
Skinnybusiness: lmao, there's a comment on your blog! About the tabbouleh: yeah trying new foods is kinda taboo to me too! "No I have enough addictions, thank you" I never order anything new in restaurants or anything!!! Hahaha<3


  1. OMFG we are the same person so much so. OMFG He kindof totaly asked you to go to france with him. OMFG Romantic and you should because he likes you, I just know it. And R is a stupid but face and I cannot stop thinking about some shit that happened once appon a time in a truck on the way home in 7th grade that pisses me off and I know you don't know what I am talking about because I am crazy but it will be on my blog. I hate when people are like, "lets randomly go eat at 1 in the moeninbg. Ha. Well a pound isn't that bad. Sit ups my dear are my bff jill. Ha.

  2. eeeeeeeep! major exitedness going on here!!!!
    i'm so happy for you babes :) you..SC...france..aaah! :D <3 <3

    and welldone on the major controlageness. a stalk of celery and a veggie smoothie...bare healthiness! you are doing so well, i think i'm gonna cry...but i won't. :) hehe
    i've missed you so much, you are actually my favourite person on blogspot because you're so damn cool! mucho love <3
    and thanks for the email, i really do love you!

  3. Props for saying Target correctly. And much luck with SC!