Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boys!

EDIT: Photos Have Been Removed!
Okay, you asked for it, so here are A and SC. A is the cutie in the black hat, and SC is the cutie who's trying to play like he's a model! Btw, don't worry about the girl in A's picture, that's paige, one of his friends, who might I say is amazingly photogenic as she is not pretty at all in real life.
Yesterday went well, I saw A and SC, and had easy convo with both. Then later I messaged them (and like three other people) on FB warning that I am going to have my camera tomorrow and take pics. The slightly off thing is that SC responded, but A didn't, and through my nancy drew esque skills, I know that A was on FB. It's irritating. The real reason I can't choose between the two is all A's fault. Every time I decide he's just too confusing he does something cute and sweet. And then when I say maybe he's just awkward and I should just stick with him he screws up. SC is consistently amazing and sweet, I'm just always so tongue tied around him (wow, I just got a very nice visual...) So those are the boys and that's my delimma. Haha, I should tell you guys what SC wrote back to my message:
"Sounds fun, I'll be sure to put some makeup on, doll myself up a bit..."
Lmao. Hahahaha.
Anyway, I've been doing well with the intake lately...haven't been liquid fasting, but for the most part it's been soup, gum, small pieces of cornbread, smoothies, and like prunes (because I really do like eating them). That's been my diet all week. Actually looking at it now it's not bad.
Yesterday I went out and played model on the lakefront with my dad, I have this one pic that makes me look so cute! Okay, snap decision, I'm gonna post it. You guys deserve to know what I look like. And I'll take it down along with A and SC on friday.
I love you guys so much and thank you for always being there to support me. I'm doing my very best to make you proud!
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  1. Both are cute! I like the second pic, he seems clever. Also that lakefront model pic is super cute too!!!


  2. That picture of you is absolutely gorgeous, no lie.
    Both of your men wear silly hats- I question their sanity.
    I question my own, though. XD
    Stay strong and awesome and GORGEOUS, BY THE WAY. :] I love you tooo. <3

  3. Aww. Your really pritty in real life. I think A is just not that into you and you should go after SC. There bolth cute but anoying boys who are on and off just wana be friends. Good job on your dietishness. :)

  4. boys are annoying. but if A is playing mind games and all that jazz, I say let it go and move on to SC! He's much better looking anyways! :)

    but they're both cute!

    and you're so pretty! I love seeing faces to put with personalities!

    you're the best! :)