Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dive In

Off the springboard and into the water, slicing through the water like a sword, grazing your fingers lightly at the bottom of the pool. Enjoying the tingling feeling as the water embraces you gently. You feel invincible, the world around you a blue silence, and to think you used to be afraid. To think how many times you got on the board and never jumped. You could've been having this feeling so long ago. Because you never know what to fear until you jump in.
That is how I feel right now...happy. And I could've been happy had I done this earlier. So what is "this"? This is the freedom of liquid fasting. It was inspired by my failure, and the want to rectify that failure drives me to keep going. I fasted yesterday, had 1000cals of juice and crystal light (they have this new type that uses stevia, which means I get to be happy and keep my memory). My plan is to liquid fast this week, max of 1000cals and preference of 500. So yay! I had some crystal light and some soup today, so that's pretty much it because it's like 6pm. I'm throwing myself into studying and schoolwork this week to keep my mind off food...so I believe I will be successful. I'm doing the fast with Red and Ana Banana, thanks for the offer and the sweet comments guys! And anyone who wants to jump in feel free!!!
My week has gone pretty well so far, yesterday I sat and talked to J like for a half an hour because he's awesome and one of my new favorite people to talk to. Then today SC didn't show up to physics (gasp!) So I talked to A on my way to the computer pit. I will be so glad when I don't have to see A anymore because the kid is just strange. He doesn't even sit next to J in class anymore, he sits in the row behind him, all for no apparent reason! J is one of the most easy going people ever!!! If you can't get along with J you're just an Ahole. So yeah, A is a weirdo and I'm sooooo glad I don't like him anymore.
Also even though he wasn't in class I talked to SC on FB, which was quite fun to say the least. I had him cracking up because he missed our professor innocently call the area of a hole in a bag "Ahole" hahahahahaha. I'm still laughing at that. And just think how thin I'll be when SC sees me on thursday!!!!!! Yayayayay!!!
Skinnybusiness: damn girl, your comment sliced me every way possible!!!!! I know it's all love and support but I came thisclose to crying after I read it. I wrote part of it on my thigh to remind me not to disappoint because I have so many people counting on me. So thank you, and I'll be sure to never give you a chance to write a comment like that ever!!!!!<3
M-ilie: omg babe thank you so much!!! Where skinnybusiness' comment diced me, you stitched me right back up to my usual motivated happy self. Love you in a totally not weird way!<3
Red: haha, your comment made me smile so much!!!!!!<3 :)
Ana Banana: wow, thanks so much for all the props on your comment. We are totally a community here and we all go through the same things all the time. I am totally doing the fast with you and we will stay strong together!!!<3
Off to be skinny now!!!
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  1. Wow, congrats on your fasting! Good job, and stay strong. I know you'll lose loads. Glad you're happy. Keep smiling, honey!

  2. Well I failed the liquid fast today (but I wasn't bad! Only 700ish cals total!). But back on the bandwagon tomorrow! Promise!


  3. 700 definitely ain't bad. That's my new max. 680 to be exact. I won't be able to ride the wave with you guys tomorrow. Gonna need some solid food energy bursts. Maybe next week.

    Nighty girls!

  4. Good luck on your liquid fast, sounds like youve got it all figured out. SC is gonna faint when he sees how skinny you look on thursday ;) Your professor sounds like i really "ahole" haha good luck xx

  5. welldone on the amazing controlageness you have girl! and thankyou for this post. it really has inspired me! i need to jump. i have jumped before, it felt good, i liked that feeling. and i want the feeling again, so i am jumping! not tomorrow, but now. i must jump!

  6. Hey! I'm here but old ana I really dig you're blog I stumbled on from google. I just started my blog but I have a ton of ana friends on facebook. you keep going girl you'll get there! I'm proud of u!