Friday, April 2, 2010

Small Edit For Today

So I still made good, and we did our walk, but then we went to that vegetarian place we love (read: I hate) and got some stuff. I got: battered fries (a whole basket, with ketchup!), a third of a veggie stirfry dish, and a carob brownie that was pretty big. Ate it ALL, but drank like six cups of water with it. Hmmm, wonder why? Probably because as soon as I came home I purged the hell out of it. It came up fairly easy, unfortunately (but somehow fortunetly) I am getting better at purging. It will not be a crutch though! Must stay in control and use it in dire circumstances (like today). I'll probably at the very least skip smoothies and soup tomorrow and just do a juice fast or a water fast. It depends on what I weigh tomorrow:
1.5 lbs or less---> juice fast
1.6 or more--->water fast
Wish me luck!
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1 comment:

  1. Mm, brownie...
    God. Why do we screw up so much? I feel like we're all on this constant up-down roller coaster. Where does it stop?
    We'll be good for the rest of the weekend, you and I. We must.
    Stay strong and beautiful, I love you so much!

    In a totally non-creepy way. :]