Friday, April 2, 2010

How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning?

Invisible. Non-existant. Not in the form of anything.
Bad news. So my grandfather passed on sunday, but due to the fact that there were some major strains in the family and heartless betrayal and such, I didn't know my grandfather very well and didn't like what I saw when I did see him. So I don't feel much. But my mom is kind of conflicted cause she's not going to the funeral because the people there are gonna make things ugly if we go. So anyway, the funeral is tomorrow, my mom and dad got this "awesome" idea to go celebrate my grandfather's life by going to eat his favorite kind of food: breakfast. So tomorrow I am expected to eat. I am going out of my fucking mind. I keep trying to come up with healthy choices: eggs? Yeah, drenched in grease. Pancakes? Really? All those carbs and sugar and did I mention SYRUP? Maybe just eat a meal and purge it? You and what army of toothbrushes, you novice purger. It normally takes me, idk ten minutes to do a full purge. I don't think I can do that at the restaurant and I don't think it's got a single person bathroom. So I'm kinda screwed. I could take laxies but they don't help much. Mine are too weak. They aren't exlax, they're like correctol, read: no pain, but also doesn't work as well. Help me!!!! What do I eat????? Also I should note that would just about be it for the rest of the day. Maybe a small juice at night if I absolutely need it, but whatever happens at the restaurant will be IT.
Thank you guys for your sweet comments about the weight loss. I'd say more to effectively show how much I appreciate it, but I'm wayyy too stressed right now. Just know I love you.
Scarlet <3


  1. Hmmm breakfast food, id say the safest option would be to have an egg? Pan fried, but boiled would be better, are you eating out or at home? Because you could use this great 1 kcal spray to fry it... i dont know. Hmm, hope all goes well, maybe you could fake a stomache ache or something... good luck x

  2. you could do an eggwhite omelette... ask them to spray with pam instead of using butter and load it up with veggies and no cheese! or oatmeal is usually a safe choice, just have the toppings on the side. those are my suggestions :) good luck girly!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather's death. I hope you and your family is okay.

  4. get an eggwhite omelette and ask them to use pam and no cheese :) veggies!

    and so sorry about your gradfather :(