Friday, April 2, 2010

Scarlet Makes Good!

Helllloooo my dears!!!!!! M-ilie, weddingdressthin, when life gives you lemons don't eat them (lmao), and wannabskinny, thank you so much for your awesome advice, as well as condolences for my grandfather! my fam and I are doing great. :) <3
So the big mystery: what did scarlet wind up eating?
Well I was gonna do the egg white omlette thing but everything at this restaurant comes with pancakes. I was last to order, but my dad got the vegitarian skillet and it was out my mouth before I could think twice. Hmm, so diced potato style hash browns mixed with veggies, topped with eggs and cheese, along with three buttermilk pancakes. Hell no. I changed the eggs to egg whites and said no cheese. When the food came I immediately pawned off a pancake to my mom who was unhappy with her measly three choc.chip pancakes with her two eggs. Ha. Take that miss I weigh 165. Then I used like thread size streams of syrup (two on the egg whites, three on the pancakes) and skipped the creamed butter. I ate the 2 pancakes, ate the eggs (which did not have grease! Woo!) And ate all of the veggies out of the hash browns (okay, I might have had a few pieces but mostly not). Then I did another mean thing: I knew my mom had wanted hash I gave her the now veggie-less hash browns. Which she drowned in syrup and promptly ate. I hope this doesn't make me a bad person to say that I felt SUPERIOR not eating all of that crap?
Then since it's so nice out today I suggested we walk on the lakefront. I killed them for an hour one way, and right now we're taking a rest (as soon as I post this I am going to suggest walking back). So let's see, assuming we kept at least a 2.5 mi/hr pace, it'll be about 5 mi total. Yeah, that sounds good enough to obliterate what I ate. Who knows, I might actually lose some weight!
Okay, off to go walk and enjoy the weather!!!!!!
Scarlet <3
PS: I have found my new idol: Lara Stone. 5'10 and a size 4. I want to be this sooooo badly. I'm posting a picture. Idk where it's going to show up at, probably at the top. I am also obsessed with Zoë Saldana, she's so thin and pretty. Her picture is up there too!<3
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  1. Well done on avoiding the food, and yeah i dont think its bad to feel superior when you avoid food i always do :L When my mum is snacking on a bisucit i take great delight in saying no thanks im not hungry, how bad am i :L Stay Strong Think Thin x