Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Mine And You Can't Have It!!!

Oooh, good, goofy scarlet is here in full swing today!!!!! And that means I am happy happy happy!!!!!
I weighed in today at 215. Okay so I didn't shoot the moon or anything, but 5 lbs in 21 days is pretty good, I am aiming for at least ten more by May 1. Yeah I know, there I go with my ambitions, but if you don't shoot for something, the gun'll go off and shoot you in the foot!!! Hahaha.
I have been working on not purging...not successful, but working on it. At least I can say I didn't purge today. Yay! I forgot what I purged on was like something. Oh yeah, I had a black bean salad and some trail mix, and some leftover fries. That was the whole day. But it was the fries that triggered it, so that went back into the pond of food. Then yesterday I was doing okay, just a few chips (like five) they were brown rice chips and I was cool until mom and dad bought me a bag and I had eaten like half of it. I was like, oh this is sooo good! Then I realized what I was doing and I was like, damn this is shit now I have to purge it. But then I thought about it: I was eating spicy marinara flavor. Spicy=no purge! Pain, pain, pain!!! So I thought I was stuck with it. But then my dad says, oh it's hit let's go get soy ice cream. Yes yes yes!!!!!! I wolfed the rest of the chips and ate the ice cream, had a few grapes and threw everything back pain free. I did have a tinge of spice in my nose though.
Anyway, I'm working on it. I guess I can give you guys a look back into boy world again! Soo remeber those pictures I took of all of my friends? Well I posted and tagged all of them on facebook. I'm happy everything is great, people are commenting, and then A detagged himself from our picture. I was like what the fuck! I didn't even do anything! I don't even like you like that anymore! (Okay, sometimes, but not really) I was so mad I almost hit delete friend. But I didn't, because we all know I am calm cool and collected. Nah, I just wanted to know the reason before I did anything. So I didn't get a chance to talk to him after physics (I timed it badly and left wayy before him.) And then at recitation it looked like everyone was going to have the after recitation talk huddle, where A, SC, J, and I all sit around and blab about nothing, lol. So I was like, damn I'll never know!!! But then I remembered that A put his number on FB. So I texted him:
Quick question: why did you detag yourself in that picture? Just curious.
He looks over at me and kinda nods his head as he goes to work texting me back:
Because I didn't like the way I looked. I tag myself from many fb pictures don't worry about it too much. There are prolly at least a hundred untagged pictures of me online...
Sure there are A. But it was an okay excuse, I guess. It might not be true, I've seen plenty of his pics he needs to burn, but whatevs. I had a much much much more interesting time with SC after physics. Oh yeah you read that right: I was hanging with SC after physics. I was looking like crazy hot today too. I had these sky-high boots (flat, no heels) but they gave me an extra four inches (like I need them, lol) I was statuesque and beautiful, and skinny!!! It was a rarity too because normally SC has to work at the gym but because we got out early and I was lingering across the street, when he crossed over I was all "oh you're going this way today?" It was so very nice because unlike some people, SC loves to talk. Like not, rule the convo, but just easy conversation, he never runs out of things to talk about! We walked about two blocks down the 7-11 on campus, and then I got an apple and an orange juice (hell yeah!) While he got like gatorade and pop and pb and J sandwhiches and shit. I am so jealous when he eats around because he eats so much and weighs 140. Ridiculous. It funny though, he's addicted to pb and j now. He never had it in scotland and now that he's had it over here he's all "I'm addicted, I love them!" In that cute accent of his. We were hanging out in the pit (place where a ton of computers are in a building that has horrible cell reception cause it's under the El or train, or tube). We were talking about mucha nothing but it was so nice. He stayed there talking TO ME until he had to go to work. Which was like ten minutes not counting the walk over and the buying of goods. So I am full up on SC time till tuesday. Or monday, who knows when I'll see that cute sweet boy?
Okay enough guy stuff! So what did you eat today scarlet? Well you know about the apple and oj, and then at like 7:45pm I had tabbouleh and two ojs and a banana. Tabbouleh (soooo goood) was 210, banana was 100, each oj was 170. Soo, about 840 cals for the day. Not shabby, considering 510 of that was just oj. So woot!
Z: thank you so much my dear, mia is a dark damp hole and I need to rescue my foot before I go in headfirst. Though I'll admit, mia is my hero sometimes when disaster strikes, she's always swooping down to save the day, lol.
M-ilie: ooh, thanks so much!!!!! Yeah, I want someone to prove how many cals are in a pound to me lol. If I ate that much tomorrow I bet I'd gain like four pounds, hahaha.
Skinnybusiness: I'm glad it added some "sunshine" to your day!!! Omgosh I know! These things that shouldn't even be questioned are bad! They're like the A students who you find out do drugs or something! It's like: omg not them! They're the good ones! Oh babe I wish I knew you in real life too!!!!!! That would be so awesome cause a lot of us get along here and find people like us. Not just EDs or whatever but really like us personality wise! <3 *hugs*
Becca: haha, nutritional facts always make me pee myself, lol. It's so hard to find things that are "safe". Just like low fat can be like pasta or something! Haha, glad we can make oklahoma a little more bearable. And I totally understand, vacay there was not the shining light of spring break! Lol, kidding, sorta :)
Holly: omg thank you so much!!!! you inspire me too miss 98!<3<3 (two for the road my dear!)
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  1. oh great job .. wow your almost down to a 100 and something ! that will be so amazing for you! :D can't you just see it ?? 199??? wow :D congrats on the loss your doing great

  2. OMFG your doing so good. I think the further you go the quicker the weight will go because eventualy you will not like food. It sucks that you have to watch him eat. I had a moment like that today where every one was haveing tacos for dinner and I was haveing an orange or some shit like weight thins. The meet i don't miss so much, the cheese? nah! The mother fricking choclate chip cookies and the cheese powdered doritos? So fucking much. If I see someone eating that infront of me again I will die. BTW I had to google Tabbouleh. It looks like I don't know if I would like it because I would have to try it, so I will not be trying it because I do not need to know if I like it I will asume I hate it so I don't crave it. Oh scarlet you made me wonder if I was avoiding craveing. Also grr boys. A sounds like he just wants to be your friend. Thanks for your comment about R but it's kindof different because me and him used to be really supper close, like slept over at each others B-Day partys close. Which methinks I will put on tomarrows blog because every one else should know my full situation. Ha. You and I are quite alike and we really would be supper close in real life. Also why do boys come in sets of 2 or 0? Well any ways your amazing and I'm falling asleep so till tomarrow or whenever. <3's -K

  3. YES well done 215 thats amazing, i know you your gonna lose 10 more by the first of may, good luck, may i ask do you know what part of scotland he is from? IM in the uk and am just curious haha good luck x