Friday, April 23, 2010

"She Dumped Us For Fourth Wheel!!!"

Omg lmao!!!!!!
Okay so yesterday went well food wise, I had an orzo salad with little bits of seitan in it. Yum. And oj and a few pieces of m&m like candy, but not much. That was my day!!!! Woot!
I know that is like the shortest food update on record but I just posted yesterday afternoon and here I am this morning with happy hilarious news. Oh today is going to be a wash, going out to continue celebration of my dad's was nice while it lasted. Going to that asian noodle place. Idk if I told you guys but last time I was there I ate noodles (after trying not to, when I say on the side don't put them in the soup!) And tried to purge with a chopstick. A CHOPSTICK. So sad. But I stopped trying/gagging/getting nothing when this four year old girl came in. I just washed my hands and said forget it, also I didn't want me purging to be a repressed memory for her or something.
I think laxies will be the way to go...
Oh but let me tell you about lab yesterday. So as you know, SC was supposed to be my lab partner. He was, but he always shows up a few mins late. So I was there as usual reading over the lab, and talking with MF and A. Then it happened. Lab started and MF immediately started moving in on my lab set-up, doing the "you are part of our group" bs. But I stopped him in his tracks:
Me: what are you doing? You guys' coil is over there *points to next table.
MF: what, we aren't in your group today??
Me: no, I'm partnering up with SC.
MF: omg, I can't believe this, she's dumping us! A she's dumping us!
A: huh? Wait, what, what is she doing, what are you talking about?
MF: she's dumping us for fourth wheel, I mean SC!
A: why, what did we do? Is it because he's indian?
MF: hell no it's because you're not indian! It's your fault!
Me: well, you're on your own today boys.
Lmaolmaolmao!!!!!!!!! It was so funny I was trying not to laugh at them. What really killed was when SC showed up I wasn't even at my station, I was getting something, and SC puts his stuff right at my table. MF and A were looking like "shit did they plan to be partners?" Why hell yes we did you assholes. I guess you missed your chance...A.
It was awesome too because SC and I left wayyy before MF and A. It was great, great, great. SC and I talked for a while, he was asking if I was going to this thing on saturday because he was going. I said I was really considering it. I would've said yeah totally awesome cool if he'd asked me to go with him...but I think this might take a bit longer than the last two weeks of the semester. It's okay though, I'm not gonna stop talking to him just because we don't have a class, I'm totally gonna keep up with him over summer and hang out in the fall. Who knows, he might ask me to this concert that is a staple in my town that I can't tell you guys the name of. But it's like coachella, except in another town. That's all I can give ya. It's in the middle of summer.
So I am off to go "celebrate". Yeah right. Lol.
Wannabskinny: omg thank you so much babe!!
Charlie: ah, cursing makes the comment all the more sincere!!! Lol, thanks a lot, I'm trying to make y'all proud!!!!<3
Red: you can never have too much enthusiasm!!!!! Hahaha, aww thanks I think things are progressing nicely with him too! :P
Skinnybusiness: haha, thanks babe, I'm working hard. I'm driving it like an alternate current in a LRC circuit. Oops, too much physics studying, lol. Good luck with your fast I know you can do it!!!!
Oh and hi new followers!!! 78 now!!!! Love you guys so much!!!
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  1. Good job on the low weight and weight loss!! And that's hilarious about the boys :) Keep 'em confused !

  2. Haha they're probably sad... They missed out on something amazing!

    Haha god they're so frustrating sometimes. Good job on you and SC :)


  4. Oh boys, well they are jelouse. They want you and SC has got you, and they cannot have you and SC wants you. Can't believe you tried to purge with a chopstick. Owch. Good luck with the noodle place. Laxis is def the way to get rid of pasta nastyness.

  5. haha i would have loved to see As face.
    omg lol you tried to purge with a chopstick? i wouldn't be able to do that. i've tried toothbrush but i just find it harder. i just stick to using my fingers.

    and yeaah defo keep speaking to sc. you're so close to him asking you out. i remember when you were excited to get a hi from him, now youre lab patners! welldone babe!!

  6. Haha boys will be boys, i would have loved to see there faces, i bet it was hilarious! Treat them mean to keep them keen ;) Well done on the low food intake, and keep it up :D x