Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Low Weights and Lifeguards

What a random title. Lol. Anyway, yesterday after posting I decided that fasting before I weigh in was kind of cheating. I mean, if I'd gained I wouldn't see it, but I'd have no idea how my metabolism was running!!!! So I decided to eat lightly. I had romaine lettuce, mushrooms, green bell pepper, and spinach with some salt pepper and chicken broth. Oh and I had some cantalope and a homemade smoothie. That was my day, so healthy and thin like.
Today???? Oh today is freaking awesome!!!!!! I weighed in at: 212.8 lbs. So I have lost like fifteen pounds since the end of january. Wooooooooooooooot! I am so close to single digit 200s I can taste it. Mmmmmmmmmm, lol. I haven't eaten anything today (yet) and it's like 4pm. My dad is coming to pick me up so I can get something to eat. Yay! (A real yay because I'm gonna get something healthy!)
Um haven't had physics lab yet, but I had my nice after physics class walk with SC. You know he's training now so he can be a lifeguard at the school pool next semester????? Omg if he came to give me cpr I'd have a heart attack. That and the fact I so can't swim, lol. It was nice though, he was walking pretty close too. I mean there's no one along side us, no one coming towards us and he's maybe three inches from me. Like basically my purse was the only thing between us (I wouldve moved it but I use a luggage roller as my backpack and I can't use the same arm for both *tear* lol). Yayayayayayaaaay, SC niceness.
The best thing about yesterday is that I didn't purge anything! Yay!!!! But I gotta admit, the body I have when I do mia looks healthier than when I'm starving. I'm all body and tight curves, and I get amazing ab tone (from all that contracting, hahaha). When I'm starving everything sinks in and my body gets pudgy. So maybe I should just work out instead of purging!!! Hahaha, I have started doing like 100 crunches in my bed at night and I randomly walk arounf my basement for an hour. So woo for cardio and toning!
Jen: ah, my dear thank you so much for thinking my blog is thinspiring!!! Wow that makes me feel so great!!!!!<3<3
Skinnybusiness: lmao, hahahaha. I am so glad you're in a better mood! You sound happy!!! Yay! Ooh but think of the fat and cals in the cake and icecream. It's not only a double whammy, but double fatty as well, lol. :) <3
Konrad: honesty is the best policy, lol.
M-ilie: omg I hope so!!!! Maybe he can practice some cpr techniques! Hahahaha! Oh I barely had the confidence to do it, but the thought of being partners with A and MF again and watching SC be in someone else's group was a lot of motivation! Especially since he's always walking around in t-shirts nowadays....okay, let me stop typing, I am babbling like a schoolgirl, lol. <3
PS: I will read and comment on you guys' blogs after physics lab!
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  1. wow amazing congratulations !!!! :D

  2. Wow; you're fucking amazing!
    I'm in a swearing mood, so this comment may or may not end up being riddled with dirty sailor swears.
    It's always nice to hear about guys being... nice. :] It's a wonderful change from the normal assholeness.

    Stay wonderful, dear! :]

  3. YYYAAAAYYY!!!!! haha is that too much enthusiasm? well i'm happy for you, at any rate :)

    p.s. you and SC are progressing nicely ;D

    good luck and stay strong, my dear

  4. Oh my god scarlet is killing killing killing. I love you and I am amazed and inspired to be a good girl and starve for like a month just so I can keep my rate of loss up to yours. 212ish is fucking great. God I remember when you where 220. OMG yaya. Go Go Go. You rock yay. Okay, yeas I'm spazing. My day was not better today but my mood is better. Probibly because I've been naughty. Well guess I'm guna have to get some happy pills. Or some splenda. Mmmmm.... sugar high? I think so.