Saturday, April 10, 2010

Go Thin or Go Home

Hey guys...
I feel like I've been shortchanging you guys lately by talking about A and SC so much. I just looked at my last post and as long as it was I had like one paragraph about my intake. No plans, no nothing, just here's what I ate. That won't happen again. I am regaining focus, getting control again. I weighed in at 216 today, so I am maintaining, which is better than gaining but yet still not what I want. I need to be thinner like yesterday. The timetables I set for myself are flying by. On thursday it'll be the end of the 21 days. Did I liquid fast the whole time? No. Did I lose at least ten pounds? Not yet and unless I water fast or something I doubt if I'll get them. Am I under 200lbs? Hell no. Hmm, looks like I need to make some adjustments. Drastic adjustments.
Right now my hair is pressed so I can't sweat too much or I'll be looking like a refugee. But, but, I can starve better, and I can get more active walking. The semester ends in the first week of may and I don't give a damn what my mom says I am getting my hair put back into braids for the summer. I'll press it again when I go back to school, but if I want to be skinny by fall (and I DO) then I'm going to have to go hard all summer. Hardly any food. Tons of walking. Indoor exercise. Using the shit outta my elliptical. Weighing everyday to keep myself on track. If I do all that I can be 130 by august 24. But I must do all of that. Stay focused with my eyes on the prize. I'm going for the win! So for the next three weeks I am going to gradually cut down on my intake to the point where I am having a smoothie in the morning (my mom makes me drink them, I mean not forcefully but it's like "here" and she's just looking at me. You know moms) and nothing else. I should get to that by the time finals are over. Then I get my hair braided and get all that nice physical activity in. And I'll keep something like one pack of sugar on me if I feel like I'm gonna ptfo. The weight will fall off me.
That is the plan ladies, who's with me? Who wants to be thin? I sure do cause I am not going home!
Skinnybusiness: hahaha, the blackberry is easy to type on. I post and respond on blogger with my blackberry. I can do it at anytime and there's no one around borrowing my stuff and stumbling onto something. It's great!!!<3
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