Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scarlet Gets Lucky

Ooh, get your minds out the gutter!!!! I mean real luck!
So yesterday was crappy. I ate a vegan hot dog with french fries, cookies, ice cream (the real kind), and potato salad. All at like 4:30pm. At whole foods. We went home after that. Not gonna tell you what happened because you can guess. So then I was planning on not eating anything else for the day. Which technically happened... Unless you count a grilled cheese with french fries (yes again) and lentil soup eaten at 12:30am as "same day food" ooh and follow that up with a carrot cupcake. With cream cheese icing. I just went to bed after that. I had resigned myself to a day of fatness today but I got lucky!!!!! My dad feels fat today (really??? You don't say!) So he's not going out today!!! Crappiest bday ever sure, but he's coming back full force with the food on friday. Blech. But, but, this means I get to weigh tomorrow!!!!! Woot!
So um plan today is liquids and starving. Awesome.
But I got lucky in a different way yesterday too. With SC. Okay I am leading you on there, if you thought something your mind isn't in the gutter, lol. No, but nothing like whatever you were thinking, but it was niiice. Okay so after physics I was talking to SC and we were walking to the 7-11 (it's so strange that we do that now...I used to talk to A after physics for like three weeks and now I barely talk to about parallel universes! Oh and UPGRADE!), and I did something so bold: it's our last physics lab on thursday and I don't wanna partner up with A and his bff MF. I want to partner with SC so why leave it to destiny? I was all "yeah it's the last lab this week I'm so excited! Oh you're gonna be my lab partner right?" He's all "yeah," and then I transition into the review session we have coming up...yeah, I did just do that. Hahahahahahaha. Also, because he was talking to me and stuff, SC left his "football stuff" (soccer, lol) in the classroom. Do you know how much this boy loves soccer? He eatsbreathessleeps soccer. And he forgot the stuff that enables him to do his favorite thing in the world, while talking to ME. Hell yeah. :)
Jen: awww thanks babe you're so sweet!!!!!! Yeah, candy is the devil but I haven't really had it in such a long time it tastes, idk strange, foreign. I mean it's good but different. Gah do not mention finals!!! At least you have four weeks, on may 3 I start mine!!!!<3
M-ilie: haha, so you are a second generation scottish lass!!! Yeah I don't fancy just seems like this week is an extreme situation!! I'm working on it though!<3
SkinnyBusiness: I know!!! The only thing I ever take on an empty stomach is asprin. Kinda silly since that really does burn or whatever, but it's a painkiller so it cancels itself out, lol. Besides the headaches are normally pretty bad! Yeah, memories suck always remember the good stuff and have to fight to bring up the not so good...<3
Okay, I am off to be skinny!!!! Gotta look amazing tomorrow! Btw, it'll be nice when A and MF try to "corral" me into their group tomorrow and I can be like "not today boys, I have a lab partner" HA! Besides, SC is cuter and doesn't think that I don't know what the hell I'm doing because I'm a girl (or whatever the hell A thinks). I'm babbling, let me hurry up and post!


  1. goodluck with the starving today, and liquid fast. i'm so happy your dad's decided not to go out lol. sorry for short comment, but just heading off to bed and thought i'd read your thinspiring blog first. :) lol xxxx

  2. Oh scarlet did get lucky. LOL yes my mind is in the gutter. Yes I am in an even better mood. One that can count as real semi happyness. And why must you make me crave ice cream and carrot cake. Nooooooooooo..........

  3. Its a true story, my mind was in the gutter when i saw that title. haha

  4. Ohh its definatley a sign if he forgot his football kit while talking to you, keep it up and it wont be long before you too are an item, i love how you have the confidence to ask him outright to be your partner i would never be able to do that! good luck x