Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hello lovelies!!!!
Oh I am so excited to update you guys!!!!! So lately I have been working, being obsessed with the world cup (viva españa!!!), attempting to clean my room (ummm, yeah sure), and fasting. You read that right: FASTING. I am on the 3rd day of my fast and I have no idea how long I'm going to go but I feel really good right now!!! I've lost 3.8 lbs since I last blogged!!! Eeeee!!!! I am thisclose to a new low weight which would be this close to getting below 200 lbs. I'm deff fasting until I get below that at least! My dad has challenged me to fast for 15 days, not that he's doing it or anything, but he'll like pay me $15!! I mean to get paid for something I was contemplating anyway is pretty awesome!
I have been living off of water, sobe life water 0, and VITAMIN WATER ZERO. Hot damn that stuff is AMAZING. It tastes soooo good. In fact I am freezing some right now so I can have "sorbet". Hahaha :)
I've been walking for an hour everyday instead of the usual running because I don't want to over tax myself. It's going really well because I have motivation and a support system! Not only do I have you guys (even though I'm kinda like "surprise!" on you), I have my dad, whose buying me all the vitamin water zero and such and encouraging me, but I've also got twitter. Twitter is amazing, seriously!!! There's a HUGE pro-ana population on there and there will be like seven people fasting at the same time!! And you can easily check in on each other and push one another through a rough patch! I love it. Now I have blogger fam and twit fam!!!!
The only person not on board is my mom. She's acting all weird, backstabbing me to my dad. "She's going to deplete all of her nutrients..." Blah blah blah. My dad's response? "Jesus did it." Hahahahaha!!!! Love my dad! Now my mom (after being guilted by my dad) has agreed to take an early morning lakefront walk everyday. Awesome. The hitch? She says for her to do it I have to agree to at least eat seaweed everyday to get vitamins and to also take some kind of laxi tea to make sure my system stays clean. I didn't answer her at first because all that would've come out would've been: fuuuuucccckkk yoooooouuuu. One I am on a fast so food is not happening any time soon. Secondly, laxi tea??? GAG! Also it just makes you lose water weight. I only use laxi anything when I actually have something I need to get rid of! If I did what she's suggesting, I'd be just like her, unable to use the bathroom without a little "help". No way. I worked too hard over the past six months getting my digestive system to mostly work after my love affair with laxies last year!
Anyway, I'm pretty much ignoring her.
OH! Before I be an airhead and forget, I want to thank athANAsy for my sunshine award!!!!!! (Picture posted above) so my job is to pass on this loveliness to five other terrific bloggers!
1) Jenny (I WILL BE PERFECT...)
2) Z. (Sweet Soubrette)
3)B. (Thin Has A Taste All It's Own)
4)Katie/Skinnybusiness (Whisps of Gypsy)
5)Lyndee (ANa XOXO)
Those are awesome people. Go. Read. Follow! And I love everyone else who I couldn't name too!! You guys are awesome!!!
Lyndee: I know!!! I just don't (can't) go back the same way! It wouldn't be right!!!! <3
Catherine: Hola to you too!! It's great to have you here and I hope your fast went awesome!!!! :)
B: I totally hate holidays. Especially the ones that have nothing to do with food but it's like this "intrical" part!! The americans started a 6 year war! They didn't sit around eating!!!!!!
Lisa: thanks babe!!!!!!
Ariana: I know! I hate bread too! It's...evil!!!!
AthANAsy: thanks for the award babe!!!
Jenny: aww thanks!!!! I am deff working HARD. Yeah bread is totally going out the window pretty much. I think I'll allow crackers...<3
Okay off to fast and read blogs! I've been so lazy with keeping up!!!
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  1. Congrats on your fasting!!! That is so awesome.

    You are so sweet to pass on that award :-D But I don't see the picture!

    Good luck with the continuation!! I really want to fast tomorrow, but I'm so bad at it... but I'm flying away to my best friends wedding, so it would probably be smart. I'm totes going to try the vitamin water 0 thing. :-)

    Stay strong and beautiful!!

  2. congrats, I really hope you make it under the 200's with this fast!!! That would be really really really exciting!!! :D
    Keep going strong, you are doing great! :)

  3. That's awesome that you have support! Good luck! I have a Twitter but I need more followers/people to follow so I can use it more.

    Twitter: emryelle

  4. Oh my gosh honney I'm So so so so so proud of you. Your so amazing. I cannot believe your parents. OMFG I cannot believe your getting away with that. Holy shizazle. Wow. Here is me dieing from alergies and there is you soon to be the same weight as me in just a few months at the rate your at. OMG OMG OMG i luv you. I cannot believe your dad. He is so cool, or at least he is being so good to you about your fast. I would so die if my mom knew I was on a fast. Seriously you should be thankful your mom is being decent about this. Mine would take a feeding tube and shove it down my throught. I gotta go to bed now, but wow.

  5. That is so amazing! I am fasting now too (37 hours so far) and I don't know when I'll stop. It feels amazing, right? :D You are doing great! xx Lisa

  6. I literally laughed out loud at the response you wanted to give your mom! So funny! Why she would want you to drink laxi tea is beyond me. Ummm, you've no food in your system, so I'm not sure what she is thinking would come out.

    Good luck and stay strong for your fast, no matter how long you decide to go. I always hear that the first three days are the hardest, then it just gets easier. You are doing so well! You inspire me!!!

  7. ahhh well done on your fast, i just know that your all new low weight is coming soon (: I cannot believe how incouraging your dad is being it must be great to have someone like that to support you, hope things get better with your mum xx