Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bonnie and Clyde

So apparently my mind and body are freakin Bonnie and Clyde together. I went to the buffet and ate reservedly. I had technically three plates, but I didn't eat much. I made sure everything on the plates was well separated (if you ever go to a buffet you know people make those plates with all the food piled all over each other and still eat five plates that look like that) and I stayed away from starches and stuff and aligned myself with the proteins and veggies. I had like two chicken dishes (maybe a 1/3 of the plate each), a bunch of creamed spinach (I know it sounds weird but I'm in love with it), some salmon (absolutely disgusting the way they made it, did not eat), some cucumber salad (again, ehh, did not eat), and a salsa type salad something (again, did not eat). So my two plates of actual food narrowed to one. Then dessert was like a cup of sherbert and some tiramisu and pineapples. No candy the whole day, nothing extra. Not bad. I was actually kinda proud of myself. Until much later. I had a raging headache with no idea why. My stomach also was a little flip floppy, so I convinced myself that lemonade with a hearty helping of vodka would help me forget all about my headache. Well, not exactly. I did wind up projectile vomiting in my boyfriend's bathroom (and on the walls) while he was at work. Thankfully his roommate wasn't around, and technically speaking their bathroom was cleaner after I cleaned up my mess than before said mess occurred. So even though I am sure calories were absorbed already, when I weighed in the morning after I was the same beautiful weight. I can't say I'm sad about getting sick from the food. I didn't make it happen, it was really making me sick *shrugs*.

Today I was up about 1.5, but I blame that on water weight. Throwing up + period= water weight. I know this so I'm not freaking out. Today was supposed to be a liquid fast, but now it's liquids, one cupcake, and three tortilla chips. *shrugs* I just won't eat anything else, it's 3pm and I'm not hungry so I'll live. I've stacked myself with my multivitamins with the caffeine along with a red bull. We shall see how my weight looks tomorrow, my goal was to lose 80 lbs between now (or last week rather) and the end of august. So I have like 12 weeks until school starts which means 6.7 lbs per week. I am only down two lbs right now so I need to lose like five more before Monday. Which makes this week 1 of 12. I can definitely lose 5 by Monday, provided no one messes with me but I should be fine. Super busy with lab, stupid projects, and studying for finals. EEP. Can't wait until summer so I can just hide in the lab all day without the stress of schoolwork.

Sam: Finally subscribed to your blog lol :)  Lol I hate easter candy, it's all really sweet and everything is chocolate, surprisingly I am not a big chocolate fan. I like valentine's day candy where everything is tart and fruit flavored haha. Your reaction to my boobs is the same as everyone, they are freaking huge. My boyfriend has on more than one occasion worn one of my bra cups as a hat...a very large hat. Thankfully I'm tall so they don't look ridiculous, and my muscles (that are quite strong and prominent even though I haven't worked out in ages) hold them up and don't give me back pain :)

Current Lbs lost: 2
Current Lbs to go: 78
Most lost so far: 4

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  1. "(if you ever go to a buffet you know people make those plates with all the food piled all over each other and still eat five plates that look like that" you mean me oh xD this is why i don't go to buffets. good thing i've not been near one in over half a year. i cannot stop myself.
    "lemonade with a hearty helping of vodka" this is where i confess my knowledge about alcohol and what alcohol does is nil outside of "not good for your liver."
    period water weight. fun, isn't it?
    one cupcake, three tortilla chips and liquids is better than liquids and 100g of chocolate (which is what i have stacked away for later noms).
    do you mind me asking what are you studying? :3 labs. i did my last one yesterday for the year. so stocked.
    you are the opposite of me then. in my closet, ye would find 3 different types of chips/crisps, and a million types of chocolate. there is one near my teddy bears at the moment. and i have a box of chocolate-covered biscuits just in case you know. emergency chocolate storage.
    i'm laughing at the hat thing. honestly, i wouldn't be able to cope. my sister wants my boob size and i want them to shrink even more (fuck. i'd love if i just didn't have them).
    oh! muscles! hot
    muscles is something i don't have. i'm one of those weak and spineless girls. in fact, my girlfriend (online gf - which is like 4'11 and 90lbs can lift twice as much as me. that should give you an idea of how weak and spineless i am).

    -Sam Lupin