Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mother Nature

So I am supposed to start my period in like one or two days. I am NOT happy about this at all. On the brightside though, my weight has only gone up like a half a pound in the past two days. I can say without any guilt that is definitely water weight. The other problem with this is that the cravings are fucking ridiculous. I want everything. I have resisted though thanks to 1, not having the stuff I want around, and 2, being stuck in my lab and doing work or whatever. Also I have to go to an event tomorrow where I will wear a formal dress and have to take pictures so that is motivation times infinity.

Just gotta weather the storm. I feel super big even though I'm not any different. This sucks.

I just ate my lunchables after avoiding going to the university caf with my roommate. She invited me and I'm like a whole place full of as much food as I want when I'm in this state? NAAAAAAAAH. I would leave as a fucking whale. Well, a bigger whale but whatever. NAAAAAAH.


Sam: lmao pretty sure my metabolism is broken. Has been for the longest, it takes me a long time to get hungry and if I wait that long I'll be completely ravenous so I normally just time when I eat regardless of how I feel (unless I actually did eat a bunch of food and the fullness is legit) just to stave off the ravenous cliff my hunger will jump off of. Lunchables aren't that weird, it's just having crackers with meat and cheese lol.


Weight Lost so far: 2.5lbs
Weight to go: Zillions


  1. this is why i'm happy i'm one of those insane freaks that doesn't gain any water weight if i don't eat like a pig pre-period.
    i mean i get massive hunger [not cravings] before my period and thus, eat my weight in food. i actually lose weight whilst eating more on my period [metabolism rev ups and such].
    i've read your blog. like twice. it's fun to read and quite easy to.
    oh my God. i'd eat everything - no joke i'm still a fatass at heart [and in my ass].
    really? it takes you a long time to get hungry? H O W?
    i'm not. i sweat like a pig and am always hungry. i know i have a metabolism i just don't know how good it is.
    Lunchables just sound weird to me i suppose.

    weight lost so far: 2.5lbs
    weight to go: zillions
    shhhhhhhhhhh not zillions.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. 2.5 pounds while dealing with the BS that comes with getting your period! Awesome, just awesome! If you like lunchables I suggest you try GoPicnic meals their like the 'adult' version of lunchables. Get the vegan kind- it's got a good mix off healthy stuff in it that taste great.

    Again congrats on the weight loss- and don't worry about the extra water weight gain. I know it sucks, but once your periods done you'll loss it so try not to let it get to you at all.