Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fruit and Salads and Water Oh My!

Weird things are happening.
I look skinny as hell. Like zero bloat, my stomach is flattish and my waist nips in wonderfully in this hourglass thing.
It's only been two days. 
Also yesterday I had a late night snack run with my boyfriend (had to go pick up my birth control) and I got pineapples, water, and some yogurt. And I was happy and satisfied to have them. This coming from the girl who keeps starbursts in business. I'm changing and it's lovely. :)

I was absolutely ravenous yesterday so I ate some more salad than usual. And I was panicking about it until my boyfriend made me realize I was fretting about salad. Actual healthy salad not a calorie bomb pretending to be salad. And since I look so small today I guess no harm no foul.

Today I had pineapple for breakfast, and a salad about an hour ago (3pm). I'll probably have another salad later and some more pineapple.

I want to use my scale so badly. Dammit the 26th can't come fast enough.
PSA: I cleaned up my email so people can email me now.

Sam: I have accepted my parents are crazy and mostly responsible for my ED issues. I feel like they have some of their own. My bf hasn't done anything but encourage me in all aspects of my life but they think he is a jinx. I know exactly what you mean about the small waist big hips thing. It's good and annoying at the same time. I also have my boobs the same size as my hips so on one hand if I wear form fitting things the shape is very attractive, if it's not form fitting I look like a brick. Try doing cardio maybe that will tone down the hips? haha large frame, ditto. Yeah 135 is my goal weight but I might look like a skeleton if I do that because my bones are huge. My collar bones are mildly visible even at the size I am now. Sigh.



  1. reply to your comment on my blog:
    oh, i have a shirt in a similar design. :) maroon red with white horses print. i'm happy because it's very easy to find clothes that flatter me but i'm very sad because i don't have enough closet to fit this all in. :P

    -Sam Lupin

  2. to reply to this blog post:
    "I look skinny as hell. Like zero bloat, my stomach is flattish and my waist nips in wonderfully in this hourglass thing." good. goooooooooooood.
    awwww. i'm the girl that kept Cadbury into business some time ago. nice to meet you.
    "Actual healthy salad not a calorie bomb pretending to be salad." very true!
    food is fuel. that is one thing that i cannot deny after recovering for the most bit. i am easier on myself for eating so much food nowadays because of it.
    i'm so sorry, m'dear. they still have no right to say that to you and i am so sorry they bully you so often!
    i laughed when you said you look like a brick.
    i don't know what i look like. a shapeless fat something would be the answer.
    i'm trying. believe me. seems like my hips refuse to budge as often as they should but i'll still continue the classes i'm going to.
    my collarbones are very prominent. my hands and collarbones make me look skinnier than i actually am. my hipbones do not show as much however, which is sad. my Mother, however, is convinced my hipbones are prominent (! they aren't!).

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Salads and fruit and water... I think I need to go shopping. I mean, you're right, salads are healthy in their basic form. Moar veggies!