Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Aliveee!!!

Thank you guys for all your congrats on the weight loss!!! :)

So apparently my metabolism is my boss now. Like remember when I used to not get hungry? Yeahhhh that doesn't happen anymore. I get hungry a lot now. I think it's because of the week I did all that vegetable and fruit stuff, it woke up my metabolism. On the brightside this means I don't suffer too much for screw-ups, on the bad side this means that if I don't eat a screw up is inevitable because HANGRY. But yay for metabolism working!!!

I figured this out yesterday when I tried to water fast. EEP. By 6pm I was in a fetal position on the floor begging for food. I've never felt my hunger that strong before. I didn't binge, but I might as well have eaten that day since restricting didn't even happen. So now I have that on top of the BBQ weight. *sad face*. I'm only 2 lbs up total though so I can still lose that AND have an overall loss for the week by monday.

Today I've had Kefir (500 cals) it's like yogurt basically and I drank the amount I did so it can get my insides moving. The sooner this BBQ and yesterday's food is out of me the better. I drank a ton of water to ease any water retention, and to top it all off I went and bought a bunch of watermelon. I'm thinking of doing a watermelon mono tomorrow. I'm also supposed to go to the gym tomorrow with my roommate so fat burning all around. Yeah I had a bad day but letting it wallow and fester into the next and make a bunch of bad days it's better for me to accept it and move on. Weight loss is all about knowing what works and what doesn't and avoiding binging.

I'm also not going to my friends birthday thing. A BBQ is a bad idea. A bunch of alcohol is a bad idea. And ew pictures.


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  1. a working metabolism is awesome. i used to get cold all the time and love the fact that i'm cold but now, i'm just hot all the time because of the fact that i have a metabolism now and that i exercise i absolutely adore it!
    the thought of skipping breakfast makes me want to cry. forget fasting for most of the day that's fucking torture for me.
    Kefir doesn't sound very yummy to be honest but that's just me tehehehe.
    omg yes watermelon mono
    no mono has ever made me gain a significant amount of weight if i failed - and with watermelon, you'll always be in a deficit anyway!

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. as a comment on your comment on my blog: oh, having people telling me i'm too sick and i need to eat a sandwich sounds amazing in theory but in reality, i know how annoying it can get as my parents act like this around me.
    "My vote is for taking yourself to the gym and trimming fat and getting super nice lean taut muscle and you look like Candice Swanepoel and all those cuntish people have no choice but to say they would give up ten years of their lives to have a body like yours." i'm laughing. i do go to the gym for muscle preservation so when i do lose the weight now, i'd be losing a minimal amount of muscle along the way.
    i know! i like your comment. rainbows and watermelons x but really, thank you. i really appreciated your comment. now to get skinny. :P

    -Sam Lupin